Forming a team, looking for people in Richmond or Vancouver

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Hey guys, I'm aiming for form a team that can go to the lans that are hosted in Vancouver and Richmond. Currently this team only has me and one person that has contacted me from my post on VGL. The roles can be discussed when we establish contact. I am also looking for players that are near the level that I play at, it would be really nice if you were 1.9k elo+ and understand team plays and such, even if you are not 1.9k elo+ it does not matter a ton. What I'm looking for is DECENT mechanical skills and GOOD communication skills. Please add Finalgyro if you are interested. Thanks

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Living in vancouver. main support. Not a very high elo but thats because you cant carry a team with support... Whenever I duo with someone I win but then i stopped duo queue and fell hard. I am extremely dedicated to getting better. Love to practice and work on my game. If you would consider me as a team mate. It would be greatly appreciated. If you need any other information from me you can e mail me at

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Added. I might be interested in a Vancouver based team! 2k elo + diamond 3's that can play most roles.

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I am interested as well. Solo que last season 1800s-1900s, 3's only 1500 but Ive only been playing for 5 months. So I am improving with everyday. I live in RIchmond and Work in Vancouver. I also have another player who might be interested of similar stats or better. As long as you are committed to getting better and working as a team. I feel communication and teamwork wins tournaments combined with skill. I play all roles efficiently but prefer top, mid or jungle. Although would be willing to play anywhere providing it helped the team. Add me on skype Jasonbc007 and I'll add you in game.