Becoming a Better Player

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Core Steel

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I want to know how to become a better player, honestly. I fought tooth and nail out of elo hell, and now, a 1450 elo player, I want to get better still. I thought I was still a better player than my elo until recently, due to my very high KDRA. But my opinion was turned around when I played a ranked match and got absolutely destroyed as jungle lee sin. They rushed me 3 different times jungling, all 3 resulting in a kill. The enemy team didn't even have a jungler. I'm not sure what I did wrong but every lane and the jungle failed, resulting in my team's 20 minute surrender. So I ask, are there any guides out there to help me get to the next level of play, with advanced roaming, jungling, counterjungling, lane matchups, and teamfight strategies? I don't want to know about the blue golem jungling path, and how ashe and alistar is better than tryn and riven bot lane, I really mean higher level play. Any help would be really appreciated.

TL;DR, read title.