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I don't play AP

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Hey all -

I'm level 27 and plan to start ranked once I have a significant number of wins under my belt at 30.

So far I play an excellent solotop, a solid bot AD carry, and I learned jungling with Kha'Zix. I feel comfortable with the role except that I'm still learning the when-to-gank rules.

Anyway - I buy champs based on their abilities and so far I own 24 champions - alsmot all of them are AD-based, or tanks (Volibear, Darius, Graves, Ezreal, Yi, Yorick, Fiora, to name a few) and I have seen zero AP-based champions that appeal to me - except for Vlad, Kat, Diana, and Elise (kinda).

My question is - I want to learn every role comfortably before beginning ranked - right now I've decided that Alistar is the only Support champ I know anything about - but he gets banned a lot, apparently.

Based on what I've said - and the Ap champs that appeal to me, what would you guys recommend as far as an AP solomid, support and AP carry? I'm thinking Vlad and Diana would be my top choices for mid, and Alistar, Taric, and Leona would be my kind of supports.

I have zero interest in ever playing Sona.

Tips and advice welcome. Thanks in advance.