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1 Altar? 0 Altars? Speedbuff, no speedbuff?

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Turtle Omega

Senior Member


I have frequented the Twisted Treeline forums since early 2011.

Another thing I have definitely noticed is the respawn time cap. Before 20 minutes, it stays pretty much the same, at around 5-20 seconds, and then in the next few short minutes, the timer goes up by a ton-- to the point that at like 26 minutes, you're going to be waiting 40 or so seconds, long enough for the enemy team to win the entire game before you can respawn. I know that Riot wanted to curve Twisted Treeline into a more fast paced game with quicker times, but I feel that the respawn rate is really affecting games in a negative way. A team could literally play perfectly for 24 minutes, make one mistake, and lose.

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Turtle Omega:
Unlike a lot of threads that have been posted recently, to which I might add, are from completely random players that have never even frequented the forum until they decided to QQ, I enjoy it when Riot tries to make new types of games, with different objectives, such as the New Twisted Treeline, opposed to the same old, "Kill the tower, take the nexus" gameplay. One issue I found here was that while the old Twisted Treeline had its obvious flaws and was generally broken (Note that generally lower ELO in 3s state it wasn't broken, while higher ELO have pretty much unanimously agreed it was), the new Twisted Treeline simply has too many objectives.

To have a perfect game, you must multi-manage farming, killing, capturing altars, securing/protecting vilemaw, pushing towers, and ganking other lanes, all at the same time. Riot has openly expressed that they also are aiming to make games much more fast paced. I haven't gotten too much into the new map, due to school, but the few games I have played it seemed obvious-- To manage all of these things at once, you would need an extreme amount of coordination, and luck. This is probably why people are so upset with the new changes, because you can't possibly defend an altar while defending a tower, among many other scenarios.

While I feel that the map needs definite changes, I enjoy the new type of gameplay Twisted Treeline has introduced, and that it is on the right steps. Perhaps just making one altar at the center of the map? Or removing them all together.

I completely disagree with re-implementing wards. The only people who complain about it are the ones who have grown to the safety they provide, and can easily survive after making stupid players. Now, without wards, the entire map is just gank central, and players have the same attitude that they would have with wards-- Extreme amounts of facechecking, no map awareness, and a general ignorance that shadows over many LoL players. Taking out wards doesn't change the game, it simply forces the players to be more aware of their surroundings, and make smarter choices based off them.

The speed buff, I think, should not be there. Being right next to both altars, an enemy team could easily capture both altars by the time you respawn, with the speed buff. If Riot's direction is to make a smaller, more compact map filled with fighting and conflict, then I would have to disagree with having the speed buff implemented.

Riot has openly announced that the new Twisted Treeline is still in Beta, and that they are watching closely about how the players feel about the game. One thing that just astounds me from the population of Twisted Treeline players is how everything went from constructive and beneficial opinions, to blatant and immature complaining about the changes made. While the old Twisted Treeline was obviously broken, players would post threads here, giving detailed information about the changes they suggested to fixing it, and actually made me want to associate with Twisted Treeline's community. Now? All I see is a bunch of crying babies who can't deal with changes.

So please, for God's sake, can we just have a constructive thread detailing our issues and concerns for the fate of Twisted Treeline, not just some persistent crying that Riot probably veers away from? Thanks. I've stated my opinions above, and definitely don't want to revert to the old Twisted Treeline. I wasn't the best player in it, but I could tell that from this point on, Twisted Treeline will only improve. What are your opinions, and why?

I lurk the forums and hardly ever post, but your take on wards is wrong. They are just as much as an offensive tool as they are defensive. On the old TT map, warding the outside of the long grass patches and the grass patches near the upper jungle buffs would give you the vision of where those pesky blink champs where running so you could cut them off and get the kill.

Map Awareness is wards and calling mia by definition. Why don't we just remove wards from SR while we are at it with your logic.The distance between the two lanes is to short and depending on the champ (hecarim for example) by the time mia is called they can already be ganking your teammate.

I still contest this should be a new map, and the old TT should be brought back, with just a few changes. ( Non random jungle camps, and the spawning pool wall)