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Opinion on the new TT map

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Brat Prince 9669

Junior Member


Okay, so I have played the new twisted tree line map and I think its really cool. It is a new style of game play, and in a game like league of legends variety is good because we have had the same few maps now for a long time. I really enjoy dominion, summoner's rift, and I have enjoyed the old twisted tree line.

The new twisted tree line is cool and I like it. But, ti is NOT the twisted tree line, there are just too many differences. The addition of the giant spider creep is really cool, and I love it. The shrines are new and different. I knew that some people like them and others dont, but think about it as an addition to the variety that the game can offer. League of Legends is better for it, not worse. If players dont like the new map, then they dont have to play it, but there are people who will still enjoy it.

I think that league of legends needs MORE maps, so adding this map added to the game over all, but they should have kept the OLD twisted tree line as well for those of us who would still like to play it.

Riot, as a player I think it would be beneficial if old twisted treeline was still an option as well as the new. However, the new map is NOT twisted tree line. Being released with an update to the lore on the Shadow isles, and with Elise all so close together, it seems like it should be called "the shadow isles" or something like that instead of twisted tree line.

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I do not like how they revolve the new game around the altar capturing. This map is also a lot harder to Juke people in this new map, the old one had alot more opportunities to juke your opponents to balls. Also the when i fight the boss i think "wtf this isn't dragon age" but i like how he is alot strong then before, the design on this map is very sexy i have to say its just if they could remove the alters i think it could be great!...
But i definitely prefer the old map rather than this one.