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***NEW*** Mini Hide and Seek

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Seeing as I have not yet seen anyone make a miniature Hide and Seek to complement the new TT I decided to bring my own ideas for one to the table.
-Usually in a Hide and Seek game the Seekers have a base the Hiders need to get to before they are caught. A little twist I would like to add to this version is that IF a hider can make it to the enemy's base and be shot down by the fountain that it would technically be touching base and their death will not count and the hider will be allowed to use gold they had stored up.
-BUT if the hider is executed by a turret or attacked/killed by an enemy champ before they can get there it counts as a -1 so enter at your own risk of dying.

  • -May kill JUNGLE creeps ONLY
  • -May cap a point for sight and boost AT YOUR OWN RISK(Seekers do not cap under 300 hp or else you are liable to die by CC for not B'ing, also do not B on the point move off of it and properly B)
  • -Only 1 Slow and Sight item per team(Elixir not included)
  • -Seekers come out when the jungle creeps spawn(will edit once i find out the exact time)
  • -There are 2 Seekers
  • -You have 20-25 mins to find and kill all three hiders 5 times each
  • -No oracles till 5-8 mins(bendable rules seeing as it only last 20-25 mins a game)
  • -Death by creeps is not the fault of the Hiders UNLESS it is their fault the Seeker couldn't get away
    (Seeker's fault Ex:low hp seeker is chasing a hider and hits creeps instead and then is stunned causing them to kill the Seeker)
    (Hider's fault Ex: Seeker is attacking a creep a Hider stuns the low hp hunter causing them to be unable to move or defend themselves and be killed by the jungle creep)
  • -No camping in 1 spot(unless you are patrolling base)
  • -Seekers MUST B back to base when below 300 hp

  • -There are 3 Hiders with 5 lives each
  • -Cross lanes at your own risk
  • -You may not be at or go to turret or your own base(any Hider that is gets a -1 UNLESS they had just spawned and the seeker(s) were in the way of the jungle entrance))
  • -Hiders may only attack Seekers with CC abilities/summoner spells and only if they or a teammate is being hunted down OR the Seekers are attempting to capture a point
  • -After dying Hiders get 30 secs to hide once again

With these rules I hope everyone that plays has a wonderful time and am always glad to hear changes to it.