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Dear riot.

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Playing the new Twisted Treeline map, and I have to say, it is terrible. I will not play 3s again purely because of this. The game play is terrible, and you have changed the aim of the game, causing the players to focus more on the "alters" than actually defeating your opponents. I dislike the new items you have put in the game, taking away from the conventional ones. Not even 5 minutes into the game, I wanted to quit because the game play was so stupidly different. The new map allows for pack mentality, and more ganks which causes frustration as there is little lane phase, on the hole the new map is designed poorly, leaving more room to be jumped on, meaning that you constantly have to play careful unless playing a tank or tanky bruiser which means that the only spot in the game that mages will be able to play is in middle in a 5s match, unless ofcourse, you intend to "improve" that also.
The beta map has ruined any sort of the 3s that many players enjoy, which is meant to be a relatively quick, fun game that doesn't require as much strategy as a 5s match. If you are going to continue with the beta version, please make it a separate entity to 3s as its only resemblance to the original version is that there is 6 players. The game style is a lot closer to Dominion which is enjoyable as a separate style when you want a break from 3's. I hope that you do not make the beta into the new 3s as I do not wish to stop playing LoL, but I will not play if it does become permanent.