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Thoughts on new TT

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Not a dedicated 3s player here, i did like to dabble from time to time, but never tried ranked or anything like that. I just thought i should give some feedback on the new map.

The look: Looks pretty freaking awesome, the art quality is really above even SR, well done!

My only caveat is that the art direction seems to be more toward that "bright" creepy like diablo 3 instead of the darker look from original TT.

The Jungle: so much easier than the earlier one i feel it is a bit too extreme. I also feel like there isn't much to do except wait on timers (altars, creeps) if the lanes are playing it safe. I like that it is easier, but i feel it is a bit too easy.

Vilemaw: definitely the best part of the map, you guys really outdid yourselves here. Seriously, baron needs an update after this, vilemaw is how hard a boss should feel, it almost remind me of wow raidbosses. The model is probably the coolest thing I've seen in a while, excellent work on him in general.

The problem i have with him? there isn't much going on around him. I really wish there was some cool path behind him, maybe with a few small neutral creeps or something.

The Items
: nothing but good to say about these. there is going to have to be some balancing, but all in all really, really well made new items.

The altars: reallly, really iffy. While i do like having these fights, and it's fun to be the jungler and sneak an altar, i feel like the novelty will wear off very quickly. These are almost too frequent and too strong, sometimes it feels centered around them.

I want to stress that I do find the mechanic fun! But I honestly would prefer if it was just a buff camp. Sorry?

General map feel
I feel the new 3s map is on the small side, i really miss how much of an actual forest the old top jungle used to feel like. It gave the map a lot of space. Some sort of pathway behind vilemaw, with a ton of brush, would feel cool. Hell make it look like a spiders cavern like shelob, that would be amazing.

The games are also a little to short, and snowball a little to hard.

TLDR: I really like what you guys are doing. In general, the map is awesome but needs a few spacing/timing tweaks to make it really enjoyable. Making it feel more like the original TT will take a little more backpedaling.

In short, i really like the new map, If this post seems negative I apologize, I am concentrating on the things i feel need improvement.
You guys did a great job, and i really hope the attention you paid to the map will mean i get to watch some 3v3's from the homepage sometime soon.