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Problems I'm seeing with the new 3v3.

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Narris Protex

Junior Member


1st of all why couldn't the old TT (Twisted Treeline) stay with the new map coming in?

This will just be a list

1:Replacing a great map with a map that has a completely different play-style was just a bad idea.
2:New players will likely start off by playing 3v3. This will now be problematic when they want to start jumping into 5v5s, because they get no practice with wards and jungle buffs.
3:Without wards there seems to be more fog of war throughout the gameplay. This makes it very difficult to play as squshy ADCs and Nukes.
4:All champs that have a trap/turret/jack-in-the-box/mushroom become nessesary for map-coverage making them a better pick due to the lack of wards.
5:Nukes lost valuable items for their builds causing them to be extra weak against tanks. Yes tanks are ment to take the hits but should feel some pain for it.

I was going to write more but i highly doubt this post will get anywhere due to the amout of others that are upset about the TT change.
Please comment and tell me what you think. Maybe even add to the list or post some counter arguments. Just remember to be calm and ward. (Oh wait, i can't...)

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Joe Krake

Senior Member


you've pretty much summed up most of the complaints people have withthe new map.

The only thing you're missing is the alters.

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Junior Member


most champs with a gapcloser and dominating early game will most likely be OP in the new 3v3