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Thoughts on the new Twisted Treeline

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Note: This is coming from a player that hasn't played much TT in months, and plays mainly SR.

I've had a few games on the new map now, and I think it still needs work. Things I see:
-It's still really bruiser focused. It seems having a strong level 1 is a major advantage, and the tanky brusiers are ones that can do nasty things level 1.
-If you can't keep people off of shrines immediately, if you can't burst them, it does not feel like it's worth going after. This comes from having to go on the point to be able to stop a capture, basically requiring that you're super tanky.
-Vilemaw has an "interesting" buff pattern. AD carries get something out of attack speed, but mages couldn't care less about CDR, and can already slot nearly infinite mana regen (through Athene's). The regen buffs are going to be more powerful on tanks/bruisers than anyone else. If I'm playing a mage/carry, I feel like I'd rather have the shrine buffs.
-No wards. I can understand why you did it, but if anyone's going to play an AD carry, it's going to be the "holy trinity". They have the strong early game on top of escapes.
-Where do mage-supports play at all in this map? They're too squishy to lane vs a bruiser, and they don't have an extreme early game to make up for it. I could see Blitz/Ali/Taric having a home here, but not many others.

These are first impressions. They might change as I play more, but I hope Riot pulls something useful.

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I feel that the shrines are toxic to the twisted treeline gameplay. It makes the match much more like a game of dominion than TT. In stead I feel that there should be 1 camp on either side with a new buff for junglers that is basically the mana regen of blue and the slow of red combined, so both mele and mage junglers would be a viable pick.