[Unofficial Petition] I will quit if you do not bring back the old TT or add as map

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Originally Posted by radajin View Post
you don't speak for all of us, honestly there is alot about the new map i love, the old one was much worse shape, you say you've only played 3v3? then you have no idea how unbalanced this map actually was. until you have played the game as a whole. you would understand why the change needed to be made. this new map will bring others to fill the void of those who no longer like it. i forone am going to be a stronge advocate for this new map. it has everything i could want for somthing similar to a summoners/dominion hybrid.
That is exactly it. It's a hybrid. It's not Twisted Treeline, nor will it ever be. The only "void" there is is Twisted Treeline being removed.