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Twisted Treeline. All my posts combined.

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These are post's and my replies. please view them. thank you. (this was all done on PBE post. link to it. --> http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2696167

This is also not to mention the giant 200 page(or almost ) about a petition and riot still hasnt posted on it. shame.
Link for petition : http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2694690

Sad to already say. i think the new twisted treeline is awful. i mean i love the idea. but you guys are adding way to much. The in game music IS SO DULL. Its so boring and tiring. i got bored and muted it within a minute. and i rarely ever mute LoL music, its too reptetitive and went too much for a eerie style. dont like that gold thing in the center. should have kept that out. also to many routes i understand riot you did that to set up ganks easier, to make it easier to travel. but its too bulky. to narrow. brushes are too small. its barely even viable to survive. i sometimes stand inside the brush with an oracle and they still can see me. i think its just broken. i dislike this new twisted treeline so much. i hope it doesnt really make it unless you remake it. to many new things ruined it. UGH i cant express how much i hate it. just. never feel like playing 3's again. and i used to play it all the time. forget it. this Map remake makes it. i will never be found on it again. NEVER

Gold thing as in the altar. too OP. and unnecessary

Originally Posted by ShiznazTM
I agree, it's too simplified and requires little to no strategy compared to the old 3s. In the old Treeline, you actually had to be careful where you tread in the jungle, due to there being brush everywhere, it was a gameplay aspect for the map itself, and it was replaced by stupid Altars that take less than 6 seconds to capture, and if a team gets fed they have a pseudo-baron buff permanently from the altars because you can't stop them from taking them, AND it gives them Gold Per Kill, so you'll never get ahead, there's no gameplay top lane, because there's only a middle jungle. It's poorly designed and they tried to change the gameplay entirely and I think a lot of people who only play 3s are going to be very very angry."

they tried to make it up to date with dominion. i hate it. the turrets ARE SO FAR away from the top lane and too easy to gank top laners. its ridiculous.by the time you can even get away you have everyone coming from 3 different paths. i find it too useless. and the altars are unfair. you get pushed. no way you are ever gaining back. and the fountain part. you can actually fight near it now. so its useless. you have to walk ALL the way around it by the time you can even jump or do anything. i like map design(reminds me of magma chamber for some reason) but its just. the way they set up everything. too much jungle creeps. such little thin brushes. to many easy opportunities to get ganked. it doesnt give you such a good feeling to push not worrying if they're coming every other second. you push person goes missing they will be next to you in under 4-5 seconds. they have to remove the altars and speed buffs. put back old jungle creeps. and just make the game viable for late game.

Originally Posted by iAteMyVegetables
Well look wise I think we can all agree it looks amazing. It beats SR by far for me.

But I dislike the fact that everyone is just always mia and then ganks, it's impossible to even overextend a little there, but my team keeps doing it and dies lol. The old TT was just 1 top 2 bot, or sometimes someone jungled, but atleast you had top side jungle and mid, so you couldn't always easily gank both lanes. But now it's not even laning anymore, it's all about ganking even if you got no jungler."

or they just gank left to right. i had a jungler and they get higher level but its so easy to maneuver through everything. you cant push. you cant do anything if you're top. they made it more like summoners rift and dominons top. if you over push they take it. if you underpush you get totally screwed. its a lose lose situation."

Originally Posted by notFREEfood
I think we can blame Morello. It seemed to me that the old TT was designed as a 3 man SR. The new TT strikes me as a totally different map."

if they wanted to make it a new map they could have. but dont ruin the old fun loving TT for a new dull type eerie easy no competitive TT. its too boring. no where to go without someone already being their. everyone is just moving everywhere no room. they tried to make it too fast pace. now if someone easily gets fed thats it. match is theirs. no way in ever catching up.

love the IGN btw lol"

Originally Posted by DrX6x
I pray that the come to there senses and just make it shadow isles as in a new map leave TT alone and its a win win,"

they also added it like if its dominon with that gold advantage in begining i hate that. its the reasons i play 3's TO GET AWAY FROM SR AND DOMINON not play all three in one map. ugh they ruin the gaming for me =/"

Originally Posted by Twixiee
They basically turned it from 3man SR into 3man dominion... They removed any focus on farming up (by adding so many objectives, and removing wards which means ganks will be plenty and constant if you try and farm)"

EXACTLY MY POINT! its not 3v3 strategy anymore. its mroe of just whoever ganks more and has power over altars."

Originally Posted by RqR TreasoN
I LOVE the new map myself, though I do see concerns (especially around the altars). The music is a LITTLE repetitive, but overall, I'm actually considering maining this map over SR now."

it can be great and everything if they just put in the old rules and ways of TT take out those altars and change music it would be good. not all those adjectives."

Originally Posted by Vivagio
Riot please..you were doing so good...Till you meet Dominion and This Map.. Think about it."

i hope they re-think it =/"

Originally Posted by Zedrock
I dislike the new map. That's almost all I have to say... Just make this a new map rather than replace TT..."

Its just theirs so many mistakes made into it like they rushed it."

Originally Posted by Lxf3 kH
I really hope they make this a new map. The ONLY support this map is getting is from people that never played TT or rarely did. I leveled (practically) all the way up and the old TT and would hate to see it turn into, for lack of better words, this collaboration of random sh** that it is planned to be."

thats what im trying to figure out if half the people who are agreeing with the map even played TT enough to enjoy it."

Originally Posted by David12596
I personally like the map, but it is completely understandable why people are upset over change. The simple thing to do is make it a separate map (this would just make more work for them though) for the old TT and new TT.

Though can we please stop saying "Riot made TT into Dominion". They took some of the fast pace nature of dominion and added it. There are no capture points that can be contested at any given time, there are no quest that pop up every 5 minutes or so, and there are no storm shield.

I completely understand the direction they want to take TT where they want it to be more fast pace. But just because the new TT or any map as fast pace elements, does not mean its Dominion.

Also I am going to say this, this map does have some strategy and traits you have to have in order to play it really well. Its like the same people who tend to think that Dom has no strategy. Maybe not in Low-Mid ELO, but try something in Dom with people that know what they are doing. You begin to see just how deep in strategy a map like Dom can be. Point is; I believe if TT got release as it is now, over time there will be strategies that pop up that seem to work and give the mode it own flavor so to speak.

Again, I am not disagreeing that it could maybe make it a separate mode, but then Riot will have to put even more time to fix the flaws they wanted to fix in the old TT that they tried to fix in the new TT."

reasons we say its like dominon cause you do have to capture the altars to even be in competition. and the speed relic in middle. you have to use both of those to get ahead of the enemy team in some sort of way. i agree with you on the strategy part because some people think dominon is just capping and moving on. no it takes a lot of teamwork to dominate in that game type. but yes the new TT might need a brand new style. but its the functions they added that make it different. like i stated before i understood that riot tried to make it faster pace but by taking some items out adding a ton new items in. taking out wards. it just wont be that feeling of 3v3 combat. its more of gank here. go here. push here quickly. do this. fight here. its just plain and just dominate. and if one team gets the slightest advantage. its over. i mean in normal threes it can happen too but you have a fighting chance on farming. the new one. with those double altars and if you can take jungle countless your enemy team has no fighting chance at all. it was just poorly made on that part. too many objectives.

im not disagreeing with your opinion either. freedom of speech right? "

Originally Posted by NotKevinGuy
Personally, I have mixed thoughts about the new TT...
One, some of the new items are cool, but it's strange. Was removing Deathcap really necessary? I feel weak without it. Also, why remove wards? I warded the **** out of Twisted Treeline in ranked and won because of it. Now I can't ward and I'm not surprised I just lost.
Two, the towers are too strong. If your tower hits the melee minions first, don't even bother trying to last hit the caster minions. They get one shot. Thirty minutes in? Tower is still one shotting the caster minions. Both inhibitors down, it's two shotting them. First shot to half health, second to dead.
I guess this is offset by the ease of farm.
Also, is anyone else finding creep waves building really quickly in the new one?
Third, Vilemaw is a freaking raid encounter. Seriously, my team went at him all full health, his line attack ground pound killed me and Rengar before Shen took him out... We were standing at opposite sides of Vilemaw. Now the second time fighting him was smoother, I knew to stand away from Shen and I only suffered half my hp in damage.
Finally, the new walls are freaking huge. I'm used to flashing over my base wall to safety. But with this new fatty wall I can't do that. So I die. Heck, you can't flash over any of the walls. You've removed a truck load of ganking options Riot.
The intention was good. The implementation kind of failed."

EXACTLY the thought process was their but they way they moved into it was horrific. they tried to amp it up too much to a certain level that only a good certain type of champions would be even viable on the new TT."

Originally Posted by DrX6x
This map would have so much better rep if it wasn't meant to be a TT replacement I hope riot gives into the community and makes this a separate map."

it would be an amazing other map but the process of doing all of that would be so much consuming and thats even if it gets popular. i mean people are either going to like it or hate it."

Originally Posted by KevinDelMarr
Can I just add that not having wards suck? It makes the jungle so simple minded, it dumbs down the experience. As soon as a single enemy goes MIA your practically forced to retreat ot risk imminent death, because God knows where they've went. I can see giving junglers a chance to gank, but it's jsut rediculous. Shadow Isles will never be taken seriously as a competitive map if it doesn't include wards. Imagine SR without wards. That's how I feel about SI.

I don't care if they have to change wards to a shorter duration, or limit the capacity per slot. But not having access to wards makes the map feel like a gimmick."

lol its going to be awful .-. i wouldnt be able to take it seriously."

Originally Posted by fiddlesticksssss
One thing about this map....flash not as good as it used to be. Now i see why flash was important. You could set up ganks really well in old TT. Flash over wall into the bush to get behind. Now on this map just better of getting ghost, hitting that speed shrine, and getting behind them, since that wall isn't flashable. I didn't like the flashing over the nexus wall, but that mid wall? That was perfectly balanced. Good for escapes, good for ganks, and good for getting into fights. Now, flash is really just a "i got 3 steps away from you, hope you don't skill shot me". Kinda wish there were more escape/gank options with flash instead of the "walk from lane to lane and hope you can get a gank off"."

i have never noticed that. wow. another good point. but eh. its ruined nothing to do now but just if you want play it. they just. ahh -.-"

Originally Posted by Celestya
Coming from someone who say TT's inception, the growth and then fairly imminent departure of the TT community, I think these changes overall, are pretty darn good.

The impact of control over the altars makes stalling far more difficult (this is a plus), though I do wish it was far less snowball-y in nature. I am very glad there's something worth fighting over though, much akin to the blue and red buffs in SR. Kudos on this small point.

The walls being super thick in the revamp make me very happy, as this makes mobility champs FAR less ridiculous. They were some of the most dominant forces in the original TT and it was...not fun to say the least.

No wards on this map kind of makes sense; it requires you to have a much more acute sense of map awareness. I do however see this being a huge issue for a majority of players, as this basically guarantees a lot of dying before acquiring the skill to be aware.

Generally I feel the new basis has a lot more potential for line ups instead of just bruisers (especially Jax and Mundo). This also shuts down some of the more frustrating backdoor style **** that used to happen, with the likes of Shaco for example.

Reading some of what people are saying here I get why you'd be frustrated; drastic change is often pretty scary. Give it more time and check it out more thoroughly. Try some of the things you normally wouldn't try on TT and see how that feels. I used to play TT with some friends awhile back (2010...lol), quit after it started becoming nothing but the same **** every game. There's only so much you can play of a map that's completely and utterly broken in so many ways before you're left wondering why you're playing it. This feels like a general right step, though it does need some perfecting yet."

for your first statement about the altars. i find it useful fighting over something other than dragon or red. but those altars are just too much. they last for a very long time, and give to much of a bonus for just capping one. now when you push and get a little lead. you can get entire jungler and spider and just dominate your opponents and not even let them even have a chance to make a comeback. you basically slap them around the whole match. i mean if they nerf the altars quite a bit. it would change the match dramatically.

most of the walls i was fine that they made thick. but they made too many of them thick and unable to flash through or escape or gank. i mean the passage ways are for that now but their are so many its unpredictable where your teammates are going to go or wherever you are going if it will lead you into a trap. now some of them they just made to be jerks lol. i like them but they made the map too small for those walls to be so thick. my input on that.

i mean no wards is great and all. but the map is too close quarters and it involves wards. one to not only ward you which outta the 3-4 paths they are coming from. but to also make you feel safe enough to push. without those you are just wondering where are they coming from. which way to look out, and wondering an escape route every single. i like the no wards because you can move freely but it has its negatives too. its iffy for me. it was jsut odd to not be able to purchase wards after being so used to them. i mean i have my map awareness on point and everything but it just helps knowing you are safe.

i like the idea of that. the bruisers are fine. i have no complaints with that. i also used to get sick of just getting backdoored when i was making a comeback.( but their is no point of backdooring if no one can make a comeback to begin with lol).

lol i have played it quite frequently and to know i dislike that map entirely. i already know the new meta(well sorta) to play it. and its just not even fun to play anymore. i played twisted treeline to get away from fastpace, too op, i too have been playing it for almost a year or two. i know the things that are too broken but its tt. its different in my opinion. i dislike what they did. it was like paradise to escape those long enduring matches. or those matches where you couldnt catch up or even try to make a comeback.

tried to keep my paragraphs in order lol my last one is really just a little overview. so yeah. anyways i might give it a try. if i dont like it the first 5 times. wont be playing that anymore haha."

Originally Posted by Jake LH
This will probably mark the end of my LoL adventure. I enjoyed the old TT to death. Leveled up to 30 with it and played it all the time with friends from school, however Riot's inability to listen to the TT community just drives me mad. As many have said before me they could have just fixed those few problems without redoing the map into a piece of ****.

My computer isn't top of the line because I simply can't afford a gaming computer but I seem to have fps issues on the new map. Regardless I wish riot would just make this a new map, that way I wouldn't have to play it and can continue on with old TT.

Only people that support this update are a small,small portion of the TT community, people who play SR and new players."

if they wanted us to be loyal fans and everything they could have easily kept the TT we all know and love and make it into a separate one. its suppose to be a remake. not completely change the entire perspective of TT"

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wow i just noticed this looks horrible. anyways after each time it says quote thats when someone said something. and my responses are completly separated.

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There's a reason the syntax for "real" quotes exists, and why that syntax causes the quote to be in a seperate bubble.

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well i was in a rush cause i had to do things didnt know it would come out like this .-.