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My Personal Thoughts on TT

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Hey guys. I just got some spare time to play the new and highly anticipated Twisted Treeline remake. Here were my expectations before playing it, the meta would allow for a jungler, allow for more balanced teams to hold off against heavy melee teams, and the gameplay would significantly change because of the new map layout. Obviously I didn't do my research before hand, but it gave the map that fresh feel. It was more like opening a Christmas present than buying yourself something nice. You knew you were going to get something cool, but you couldn't tell exactly what it was.

First off, the jungling capabilities. If you decide to battle it out in the middle of the map for that first blood skirmish, the bushes don't hold much choices on where you go allowing for a more fluid first battle. Then after that, if you decide to have a jungler, it is possible. With the previous Twisted Treeline, you weren't given a tight jungle to wander and PvE in. Here is the catch though, jungling seems a little overwhelming with the right player jungling when you can't ward. Especially when you don't rush the Soulsight lantern. If you continue on, the jungle continues to harass while having the choice to lure enemies from their farm when going for their capture point (which causes quite the havoc early on). So far so good on my expectations. The new meta is welcomed, but then the late game happened.

Tanks. Tanks everywhere. We were facing a Nunu (with hardly any items or AP), Darius (who bought most of the new AD items), and Nidalee (she had a decent enough build, but was too reliant on her spears). We had a huge advantage on them, a well organized system of fighting, we had gold advantage, we even had started to push. Granted, they were capturing their point quite frequently, but we returned their capture with killing them. But after they built tanky, you realize with the amount of brush and the fact that Nunu's ult is invisible while he is in brush, their team just became a big wall that we couldn't handle. I didn't think that there would be such an advantage just by building HP.

We continued to fight, still winning a majority of them by keeping them separate, but slowly starting to fail. The capture points weren't too much of a big deal at that point and neither team took risks to go forth and capture an opposing team's point. It became a stalemate of their 20 second respawn times and our inability to push during that respawn time. Eventually, they pushed the tower and we couldn't do anything through the amount of health they had. Now the game play is definitely different with the capture points and Ebonmaw. But I feel the creativity in teams is lacking here. You can't choose a balanced team on this map in my experience and it truthfully disappoints me. So although the new meta definitely changes the game play, it feels like a forced team composition is enforced with no real vision.

Here is the other side of how this all played out. This could be completely intentional, the fear, the mystery, and most of all the death that is featured from this map. Given time, people will begin to get used to it and learn ways that different teams will work, but for now, the map is fresh and it is a pain to control. The control points seem a little off in positioning and the speed shrine seems unneeded. The speed shrine hasn't provided me with an escape route and although it poses a high chance of doing it, if the enemy wants you dead, they are going to go all out to do it.

It would be cool to get your guys opinions on this map and I think it would be awesome to feature this as a new map instead of an overlay to the old Twisted Treeline. If you support this opinion, check out the Petition and maybe we could see them be separated. Otherwise if you don't support that idea, give me a reason why. Personally, I enjoyed the old 3v3 a lot more and having the chance to play a new mode freely while also being allowed to play the old 3v3 would make it more appealing.

Otherwise thanks for reading and let me know what you all think.