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a way to figure out which map is liked more (and a rant)

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how about you enable both new and old TT maps then see which one has more players in the next few weeks. I bet the old TT will have more games. I noticed that most of the people I played with who love the new TT have less than 20 wins since the reset. That leaves me to believe the people who like the new map are just people trying it own simply because it's new and different. Not because they love the old 3v3 and think it's an improvement.

I am probably going to quit LoL permanently if TT doesn't come back to something like it was. I spent all my IP and RP buying champions (and runes for them) SPECIFICALLY for TT because I only liked TT.

Just yesterday I was loving playing TT even while losing. Today I come on, play a few and don't like it AT ALL.