Bug - Invisible champions/no gold at map start, Twisted Treeline Beta

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Played the new TT earlier. However, as I was loading into the map my client crashed, as did a friend's. No big deal, restarted the client.
On spawning in, however, all champions were invisible including my own. I was able to click to move and my champion (Cho'gath) responded vocally but I have no idea if I was moving or anything. I then noticed that the gold counter at the bottom of the screen was blank - no numbers, not even a 0. Opening the shop interface, my gold counter read 0.

I restarted the client again, and everything was fine. Note that I did not do several of the tests I'd like to have done - asked friends if my champion moved on command, tested spells to see if particles appeared etc. because the game was starting soon and I didn't want to let my team down.

Not a serious bug since it was fixed by a client restart, but figured you should know anyway.

Steps to Reproduce:

Unknown. I have not tried to replicate this bug since I have no idea what causes it; have played one game on TT since and had no problems.

Please find attached Dxdiag.txt.