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Please Riot I am on my hands and knees begging you!

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UPDATE: Riot has spoken!

Well, Riot Has responded to this thread here... Which called for a return of the old map.


I want to thank Riot for responding and obviously they are listening, even if they don't agree with us what is good for us.

I am playing the new 3s. I just can't stomach SR. Sadly, I'm not really enjoying the games. I am making videos and trying to be a trooper but the SiTT (for me) delivers a sub par gaming experience.

Riot has stated thier main reason for not bringing back the old map is because it will "split the focus". I wholeheartedly disagree!

There is going to be a rash of players who play the new map regardless of whether the old one exists or not. Especially if Riot puts a solo queue ranked option into it.

I don't ask for any special treatment or queues for the old map. Just a chance to play it. I feel that others like me wont play the new 3 v 3 less, because we wont play the new 3 v 3 all that much anyway.

After only one week, my number of games has fallen by 75%. I'm not raging, I'm not flaming, I'm asking. Give us a choice! for those of us who have spent the better part of 3 years (or more) enjoying the Classic TT, don't take that from us. The Classic TT is really why I played LoL. It was the most fun I have had in any game for a very long time.

I don't care about rank, I don't care about competitiveness. I just like a good game. I have to imagine that their are hundreds of thousands of casual players who feel the same way (maybe not Classic TTers) but gamers who just want a relaxing evening playing their favourite game on their favourite map.

Please Riot, don't abandon your loyal casual player base for the sake of potential gains in the competitive Esports Arena. Their is no reason you can not cater to both with 12 (13?) million players a DAY!

To save you perhaps some unnecessary reading, tell me what you think of the following business philosophy...

Consumer value as first priority.

Focus on the long-term development of the company by putting consumer value above short-term commercial interests.
Develop a deep understanding of consumer needs in order to provide the most satisfying products and services.
Communicate candidly with consumers, respect their feelings, and grow with their evolving needs.

Then ask if the sudden and unexpected removal of the Classic TT map follows the spirit of this statement. If you feel - like I do - that it does not. Read on. If you think, RIOT has done the right thing by removing the Classic TT, you can safely down vote and move to the next thread.

Part I - An Appeal

Don't kill the CLASSIC TT MAP PLEASE!!!

I applaud you for bringing in a new 3 v 3 mode of play, one that can be fun from time to time. BUT ITS CHECKERS to our CHESS.

Same board, not at all the same game.

With all its flaws the OLD TT is just a better game experience. I don't how to explain why really. But I think it has to do with the decisions that you make during the game. But also I love the 1 v 1 top lane challenges. Control your lane and go roam. ITS FUN. IT was a huge part of the old TT. IT IS GONE in the new one. My favourite part of playing TT is totally, completely eradicated.

YES, TT had issues, lot's of them. AND YES please fix them, maybe, some day. BUT don't kill it and replace it with what feels like an evil, demented cousin.

It's heartbreaking.

Yes, I am crying like a baby here but I do this without shame. I LOVE LoL, I spend a boat load of money on this game and I want to play it til my fingers curl up from Arthritis. But TT is my game of choice the old TT,

To put this in perspective I like TT about 10x as much as SR (I still like SR to a point) BUT now I like SR 10x as much as the new TT.

So yeah, the tears are flowing at the loss of a classic, will always be loved REAL TT.

Part II The Sad Life of a Solo Queuer on the New Map

I like to play in the Solo Queue. Suits my need for an enjoyable, stress free gaming experience. Classic TT was getting to be a great experience all around. I mean in every way.

But now. Not so much on the new map.

First, It seems like I am faced against premades more often than not. This was a challenge on the Classic but now, it's essentially impossible to win when this happens. Couple this with rookie 3 v 3 ers who have stopped by to check out the new map and it's GG from the start. Hey, look, I am never one to give up. I fight hard every game and I try my best. And in the Classic TT I would work with players who were clearly trying out the map or a new champ.

But this... this... is just frustrating because no matter how good I play, no matter If I make all the right in game decisions. It's a loss guaranteed. There are many reasons for this but primarily the hyper snowball and the premade running around as a gank squad THE WHOLE GAME. There is no "working" with your mates to make a good game of it. There is not enough time or the chance for them to get their feet wet before they are 0 and 3. They just get ganked if they even move. Heck, one game all I did was follow around one of my first timer team mates just trying to protect him and he still died every 1 minute or so. I would usually get a revenge kill on one of them and then just die myself or maybe sometimes get away - but I digress. It's just not fun. Not at all. And there is nothing you can do about it.

Second. I am getting a lot of team mates that don't speak english. O.k. this also happened on the Classic map but it was not such a big deal. Everyone sort of knew what to do. It worked ok with occasional pings. Now? Impossible. In my last game before writing this, I lost it. I admit. I just lost it. I played my heart out. Every time I got into a fight this Rengar would ping me to "be careful" or "fall back". Got me killed at least 3 times. Because, when someone pings, I look, it's a reflex. So I asked him repeatedly to please stop. He didn't and I went off on him - harshly. This is not the type of Gamer that I am. It's not his fault, I think he thought he was being helpful... Anyway, we lost (of course) and it was yet another waste of 30 minutes.

Third, The map is broken. It just is. I could list 20 reasons why, but what's the point. Yes, if you play with 2 buddies and you concoct some sort of interesting combo, I can see that i can be fun to faceroll the solo queuers. Enjoy. But try to put yourself in the shoes of the people you are facerolling - they are just meat for your button mashing. How is this any fun at all for them... and for you it will just get real old real fast. On the flip side, when I don't get placed against a premade and my mates are at least marginal players, I do the facerolling. I am happy to provide videos for proof of this. Sadly, this is also NOT FUN. So either its a bad (horrible) experience because there is literally nothing I can do to win. Or the reverse, I just walk all over my opponents and there is no challenge or anything interesting going on.

Fourth, Ashe turret diving. O.k. I pick this as one example of dozens of what makes this map just plain silly. Ashe, at level 12 can flash into a turret, kill one of my mates while taking turret shots and walk away alive and well (with vilemaw and both alters). WTF??? I felt sorry for my Cass, but really? Come on. This is Ashe not Malphite we are talking about. Why even bother having turrets.

Fifth, the Jungle. Boring. Boring. Boring. Nuff said.

Sixth, Altar fights. I could write a book about this alone. Suffice to say, they put too much pressure on a team that is behind. I literally played a game where the opposing team had their Altar the whole game and ours most of the time. When we did rally to at least take ours back because we saw that one of them went to clear a lane for a few seconds. We would catch them in a 3 v 2. One of us would die immediately, we kill one. Just in time for the missing enemy to show up and finish the job. 1 for 3 every time. nothing to do with the quality of my mates in this situation. Just we had way less gold and they had the buff.

Seventh and beyond. To save you from endless reading of this post, I will stop. but know that I could write on and on about this New map and how for a Solo Queuer, it's not a fun place to be. Worse than SR ever was way back in the day before leaver buster, the tribunal and stable servers. It's a mess and its just brutal.

Part III What I Miss about the Classic TT

EPIC 1h and 20 minute games - every once in a while. ..

CAREFUL, beautifully constructed ganks.

THOUGHTFUL strategies and tactics

GRATIFYING 1 v 1 match ups at full builds.

AWESOME team fights at the dragon or Lizard

SPARTA like Defense with both your inhibs and central turret down.

CHASING a player though the top jungle forever and finally getting him just before he gets to safety

BALLET like Turret dives with a determined defender

SAVING a mate just in time

PLAYING hide and seek and seeing who blinks first.

RAGING at Tryndamere cause he spun away for the tenth time!

RUNNING for your life and laughing if you get away or tipping your hat if you get caught.

OWNING top lane and roaming to crush Bottom.

CARRYING your team if one or both of your mates are struggling.

CAT AND MOUSE LANING - at least for a little while

WELL TIMED pushes.

BUFFS from somewhat durable Neutrals.

STRONG Static defenses.

CARING about the outcome.

SUMMONER'S RIFT light. Yeah that was the point wasn't it?

COLOUR and actual trees

COMPETENT team mates. not SR players stopping in for a look/ coffee break.

COMMUNITY of TTers that are passionate and dedicated to the Awesomeness that was 3 V 3


Yeah sure, Parts (very small parts) of SOME of the above exists but no where near the same intensity, flavour or appeal of CLASSIC TT.

What we get in return is a GANK FEST where the only viable strat is to just run around in as a squad and engage. With hyper snowball and even more broken champs and team comps.

The whole thing is making me (literally) ill from the sudden, brutal destruction of my favourite pastime for 3+ years and 3000+ games.

Have Mercy Riot, bring the Classic BACK!!!

Please. I beg you.

P.S. The initial statement is from the Tencent Holdings website. A Chinese company that purchased Riot in 2011 for 400 Million. A company that is approaching 1 Billion past and present customers ... Agree or disagree with me, at least you know where your money is going. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tencent_Holdings

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Thanks for the bump.

I'm actually in shock, I think. Sigh. If both maps existed, I would play the new one from time to time as a ... distraction? ... but really, honestly, its a totally different experience and one that I don't like.

So again, its great Riot put in the time and effort here, I thank them for that. But it makes no sense to make all of us loyal customers play something that has a completely, totally, weird vibe to it.

Let us CHOOSE, which map we prefer.

Let the chips fall where they may.

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CLG HotdogGG

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Completely agreed. It's like they put a jungle in the middle of a new ARAM map. It's nothing like TT at all.

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The Quiet Scout

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LOL man I thought I liked the game a lot but you surpass me... you are so emotional. Yes indeed what they have done is totally a slap in our faces.... Not a good decision at all how in the world and who was the person that decided to eliminate the old 3v3???? -without consulting the players???? What is going on???

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It's not supposed to be like the old TT...and I enjoy this new map much more.

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Totally excited for the new map, but the lose of old TT is not cool, why can't we have both?

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Life Saver 2012

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please, please keep the old TT! That is all i play and this seems to be ridding TT of all the reasons why i play it. PLEASE.

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I copied this post onto the first page...

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LOL man I thought I liked the game a lot but you surpass me... you are so emotional. Yes indeed what they have done is totally a slap in our faces.... Not a good decision at all how in the world and who was the person that decided to eliminate the old 3v3???? -without consulting the players???? What is going on???

You have no idea.

I'm like a blubbering idiot, My wife went out and bought me a box of cupcakes to cheer me up.

I think I am going to start a support group. For me its as if the servers just went down ... permanently. Yeah, that's how I feel. Call me a wimp if you want. I would probably agree with you so long as I get the old TT back.