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Tribunal Issues

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Renegade Atom

Junior Member


Hello all,

I got real excited when I saw that the new Tribunal was out, so naturally I got in on it when I could. However, within the first few minutes of using it I've experienced a couple problems.

The very first case I was presented did not load the chat. I was given a continuous loading wheel that never finished. I skipped that case(1st). The second case I reviewed it as normal and clicked "Pardon" and I was given a page that said "This webpage is not available'. I've checked and my internet is just fine. I have no lag issues and a fast connection. I pressed the browser back button and it took me back to the previous case(2nd). I pressed Pardon again and the next case (3rd)loaded just fine. The next case (3rd) I pressed Punish and it gave me the "This webpage is not available" again. I repeated what I did for the 2nd case and it worked.

I'm sure that my internet is fine. So either my browser (Chrome) has issues with the Tribunal or the Tribunal has some bugs. If Riot reads this, let me know that you got it!

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