Two bugs, Talons ult not visible when leaving bushes, and auto attack cancel bug

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The first one, I encountered in my last game. It was on the new TT map, bot lane. Talon was in the bush in the middle of the lane. I was a low health mundo, knowing he was going to charge me. I didn't see the activation because he was in bush, didnt surprise me. However, I didnt see the end of it either, when the blades return to him. Maybe a continued effect because he cast it while in bush?

The second may be working as intended, but i've seen it on several ranged champs so i'd figure i'd make mention of it. We all know about auto attack cancelling, if you move or cast something mid auto attack it'll cancel because you didnt finish the animation right? Well with several ranged i've had the dart, arrow, energy bolt, etc etc etc, was in MID AIR and visibly hit the target but did no damage because i cancelled the attack at the wrong time.