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Error Selecting champ..

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Used to be you just got this annoying 1 message saying the champ has already been chosen....

NOW you just get spammed with the same message bar.. and it doens't go away.. I couldn't clikc anywhere but on this stupid repeating Error Selecting Champ: OK button

GJ riot team.. thnx.. Couldnt' choose my mastery or rune page. Way to go.. you fixed the problem by making a bigger one.

EDIT: OH top it off after the game I got a fixed version of the message: Error Selecting Champ: Active game was not found

clicked on OK a couple hundred times...... then that spammed me... until i Closed my Client... Again thnx Riot team..

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Your raging which isnt helping anything. I think the people who you want to fix this issue deserve a little courtesy. Things dont always go right. That being said. I am having a similar issue. Every time i select a champ i get the same error message even though im the only one to pick said champion. But then i hit okay and it goes away. Not a big issue (in my case) just a lil annoying. Much appreciated.