The New Summoner's Rift

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I know, I know, it was done in Paint so the quality is quite a bit shoddy. I saw a post about summoner's rift and a lot of discussion lately about it. I agree that the visuals need to be improved and not so cookie cutter. I think also adding some kind of ambiance in the weather would be cool. A newer MOBA with Champions that *cough cough* shape has a cool feel of ambiance with blurry lights blowing around a bit, making it feel as if you are watching them from 'on high' or through a divining device.

What I added in my map are a few things that I think would help.

First off, I set the map up as a daimond, so that the whole argument of the 90 degree rotate is no more. I also made the whole map larger in scope, so it felt a bit more like a large battlefield and not a few paths in a forest. There is a bit more brush in lanes and along jungle entrances, but that isn't something entirely different, just more since the map/lanes are larger/longer.

With that I also took Dragon and Baron pits and centralized them in the river (between a pair of rapids). Once attacked, the side they were first attacked from would seal, so that you still had the one opening and exit as we do now.

This also makes it to where if one team was going to Dragon from top, an enemy bot laner could hit dragon first and seal off the top side, so that the enemy team would have to leap, flash, or circle around. This would also add some cool escapes as you could hit either on your way through and close off the back from pursuers. Also by centralizing them, no one side has a benefit over either objective.

Next I made the lanes each have one more turret. With the larger map, another turret fits and adds a bit more time when the 3-1-1 method is used. It also adds a bit more gold when they are taken. Lastly there is more openings from the jungle, which....

Brings me to the jungle. It too is larger. There are lone trees that you could juke around, like you would at a turret to avoid being killed until an ally arrived, or use it to attack. There is a bit more brush, but one would need it with a larger jungle. I also added 2 more camps on each side of the river, 1 on top and 1 on bottom. I think with making all monsters unique (not having little lizards at both Elder Golem and Elder Lizard for one) would be really cool; adding 2 new monsters would be a great addition. Also, they xp and gold value could be more tuned so the recent problem of junglers leveling faster because the few camps offer more xp gold. I love fighting in the jungle, baiting or ambushing, but always felt it was a bit narrow and cramped to utilize it fully. More room adds more tactics and fun imho.

I'd love some feedback and to hear everyone's thoughts. They can be positive or negative comments, but please do so with respect, and treat others in the thread with respect as well.

Thanks ~Talohmiir

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4 Weeks Ago

I must say, that this was made a day before the SR VU came out. Moot thread now :'(