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Master Yi Alpha Strike Cooldown bug

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As an AP Master Yi player I noticed a new problem with Alpha Strike has surfaced. I go for 40% CDR around level 11-12 so that the cooldown is 6 seconds and this "bug" or whatever it is seems to disappear or goes unnoticed. Anyway, here it is.

Sometimes after using Alpha Strike (I haven't been able to come up with a theory of what instances it happens in) the cooldown timer disappears and Alpha Strike looks like it can be used again. This is very irritating when mid-laning as AP Yi since running forward to Q minions for farm/harass is often dangerous against most mid champions and I often find myself running forward and doing nothing to them since Alpha Strike is still on cooldown, thus making trades hardly go in my favor in the early game. This is a LOT more noticeable in the early game when Alpha Strike's cooldown is so long. Often this happens so much in a game that I never know when I can use my bread and butter harassing/farming ability.