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Bug - WuKong Leap 1/4 the map

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While playing my most recent match on The Twisted Treeline, our opponent Wukong chased my low health team into our base and up the ramp to our heal platform.

To paint the picture of what happened next I'm going to be as detailed as possible.

At this point there is an Enemy Morgana JUST outside the range of our top inhibitor tower (Morgana being on the enemy bases side of our tower.)

Remember, Wukong has chased us up our ramp to where we heal (sorry I forgot what this is called) and RIGHT when our bases beam of light went to melt Wukong he did his lunge toward morgana (who is still outside our inhibitor tower) and traveled all the way from our spawning location to morgana who was beyond our first inhibitor tower.

We watched him fly across the screen like like Jet Li - The Monkey King would in "The Forbidden Kingdom."

This was literally like 1/4 of the map and had everyone including the enemy's saying "wtf?"