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Updates to the Tribunal

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i pardon every single case i view...... no one and i mean no one deserves to be BANNED for a YEAR because of trash talking in game.... everyone has spent some of there hard earned money on the game and everyone lets there emotions get the best of them some times. I have alrdy had a account banned for offensive langue and it was the worst feeling realizing how much money was flushed down the toilet its stupid. people act toxic 90% of the time because someone is ruining the game and causing the issue but tht person will never get banned they will just continue to ruin the game for others. down vote me all u want.

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"xJustTrollin" -> That name explains everything.

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Mr Wiseman330



Why did my Justice Rating get reset? >.>

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here is an idea in game reporting why not do that so when a kid is just feeding the other team when its obvious he is just mad at the team and just doesn't want them to win you can see the report. Something needs to be done to get rid of these trolls in game punish them and stop screwing over the good players who just want to rank up and enjoy the game. One person can ruin the whole game and make 4 others down rank. I have had countless games when one kid just got into a typing match with his own team and said screw it I am going to fed and got me stuck in elo hell. Please something needs to be done so people who just want to enjoy the game play are not screwed and just suck in never able to go up the ladder cause of multiple games where people are just bad and you can see the awesome KDA of the good players but still punish them just the same. Please something needs to be done.