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Why don't Riot sell LOL merch in Philippines?

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I am living in Philippines and I have been playing league of legends for a year now. I find it troublesome that Garena only host conventions like once in a blue moon. Last time they host a convention, it was called League of Legends Rampage and around 8000 people came on the venue. I like their give aways and contests and all, but they didn't sell any merchandise. I am willing to buy so many shirts or posters of my favorite league of legend champions. But I don't have a credit card and shopping online would mean additional shipping fee.

I think a lot of people like me would also want to buy League of Legends merchandise sold exclusively by Riot, not garena. I like Riot more. Riot on my ballers or riot on my shirts, just Riot, not garena. Please Riot~ sell some of your awesome merch in the Philippines.

Thank you ^^v