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Attack Damage runes or Armor Pen runes ?

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Plz help me I don't know which of these are better.

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Lord Ryushishin

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Flat AD is better early game. Armor Pen is better mid-late game.

I generally go 6 ArPen Reds, 3 Flat AD Reds, and 3 Flat AD Quints for a good balance.

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The more I play the more I look at Pen being just outright better than AD/AP.

It's because of the way armor/resist is calculated. Each point adds 1% effective health, so if you are taking away 5 armor you're actually taking away 5% of their additional health from effective health. The more health your target has, the more damage you cause by penetration!

That being said, you can't reduce armor/resist below zero, so it's important to pay attention to your foe's stats, if they have no armor/resist to speak of it's better to just deal high damage.

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From a guide I used to help start my rune pages.

Attack Damage vs Armor Penetration Marks
The Pros and Cons of Each

There is lots of debate and questions regarding the use of Attack Damage or Armor Penetration Marks in a rune page. The AD rune pages on this page all feature Armor Penetration as I believe they are better for the majority of the readers coming to this page. I strongly recommend reading this official Riot staff post on the matter over at the League of Legends forums.

The pros and cons are also discussed below, I recommend newer players stick with Armor Penetration but intermediate and advanced players should definitely consider Attack Damage.

Benefits Of Armor Penetration Marks

Required in most jungle rune pages (6 runes needed) to optimise jungle speed.
Also needed in most brusier (solo top laners), making it a great way to save IP.
Stronger mid-game damage (level 5+).
Good for skills that deal physical damage but scale with Ability Power.
Great for physical spells with high base values but lower attack damage ratios (alot of brusiers).

Benefits Of Attack Damage Marks

Easier last-hitting (great if you have trouble).
Stronger damage early game (level 1-4) .
Great for spells that scale from AD but deal magic damage.
Great for aggressive players.

I'm personally working on a mix of AD and Pen. Eventually I'll probably have one that's AD only, for characters like Riven, for example, who scale of AD even better than others.

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The above is all good information, but it all comes down to your skill level and general mechanics. For example, I prefer running +15 armor penetration and +6.8 Attack Damage on my AD Carries, but that is only because I know I won't miss many last hits due to it. While this doesn't affect my farm by any significant amount, it will allow me to out-trade more effectively, as once you hit level 3-5, the armor pen runes do more damage directly to champions than you would with flat AD.

My advice to you is to observe your own playstyle. If you have trouble last hitting and are underfarmed/losing in cs consistently with armor penetration runes, then you should probably switch to flat AD. It is simply not worth a huge loss of early game income. As you get more experienced, or practice last hitting more, feel free to throw in those Armor pen runes, as everyone agrees they are better for mid to late game.

There's also some situational champs where Armor Penetration is just better. Fiora comes to mind, if you plan to play her. I run +25 Armor Pen. on her, simply for the fact that she gets +15 passive AD from her skillset. As you can imagine, this wlll lead to a ton of damage. If you need more information, feel free to provide us with some more information, like which champions you will be playing, etc. You can also contact me in game if you'd like.