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New Players, High Level Play

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Hi, this is B3NJ3214, cordially inviting anyone who would like to get involved in some level 30 play or get some tips for certain champs/roles (AP mid being my personal specialty) to add me online. If you'd like to see some challenge or jump skill levels quickly, playing with higher leveled summoners is the way to go. Sure you will probably get killed... alot. However, the good half of that is that you will come out of the game knowing a little bit more about how not to play and a little more about strategy, placements and timing, and jungling. which are good things to know about when sort of climbing the proverbial wall into summoner badassery. i started last year and hit level 30 in about two months, by holding my own in high level games.

The people we play with are cordial and inviting and love to help people learn the game. No raging, bigotry, or harassment will ensue.
Lvl 30

You've only won 311 games, and you build your characters kind of...inefficiently.

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I know that I am not the best player out there and say what you want about the way i build. I build what works for me. I'm not going to be the one giving all of the advice. I have a group of friends that are much more highly experienced than myself, including some with gold elo and higher. I play with them regularly and i get my butt kicked sometimes but improves your skill with champions by showing you what your doing wrong. as long as you can take constructive criticism then getting your butt handed to you isn't always a bad thing. That's what my friends and I are willing to give, constructive criticism. We don't care whether we win or lose every game. Our losses tell us we are doing something wrong. This also gives us a chance to change what we are doing and fix our mistakes in our builds or gameplay only bettering us as players, and helping lower level players realize the changes they should make, even if they are only basic changes, is something that we enjoy doing.