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"Attempting to reconnect" issues

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I've been having some issues with random disconnects while playing. In the middle of the game i've been losing connection to pvp.net and it keeps giving me the attempting to reconnect pop-up. But it never connects, and upon exiting the game to try to manually reconnect I get stuck in a black screen that won't close, and upon closing the client and trying to simply restart the application it keeps saying that the servers are unavailable.

And that black screen from the game I was in won't close. And I can't rejoin the game. So what should I do here? My poor teammates are undoubtedly unhappy with this, and I wouldn't blame them for reporting me. But I feel pretty helpless here. I've tried exiting to the task manager, but no matter what I can't close the LoL application so I can rejoin the game. I'm really trying to do everything I can. This is the second time this has happened in the last two days, and I really don't want to end up banned.

This has also actually happened a few times upon completion of a game. After the victory message has popped up, the game seems to simply get stuck. And upon alt-tabbing out, the post-game client pops up, but the game window stays up and won't close.
Can Riot weigh in on this?