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Before you ever make an elo hell thread please define the term

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Everyone starts with 1200 (?) so common sense states it would have to be lower than that because if you get a higher score, example 1400, and you stay there that is most likely your level of skill. The Elo hell I am talking about (<1000) is dependent on the pool of players in that bracket.

Yeah see, not everyone shares that definition. You can find threads stating that anything below 1400 to be Elo hell. Or sometimes it's 1300...or 1200.

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I believe ELO Hell really only exists for a very small number of people. ELO Hell = bad luck.

The majority of players that use the ELO Hell term are simply players that do not admit that there skill level is only at their current ELO; however, there is a high luck factor involved so there will be players that are much more skilled then their ELO reflects. Not everyone can play a huge amount of games to lower this luck factor