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RotN Giveaway Challenge

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Original Link: http://www.rotnerds.com/apps/forums/topics/show/8211339-official-giveaway-halloween-special

Greetings F*cking Nerds,
Halloween is coming up fast and I think it's time for another special giveaway. Time to get to the question, if you lived in a world during a zombie apocalypse and you had a choice to only travel with three items what would it be? Keep those answers realistic and tell us why you chose those specific items. Magic does not exist, unlimited ammo does not exist and unlimited food/water does not exist. Choose wisely and good luck! Only three winners will be randomly drawn. This Giveaway will expire on November 1st.

Giveaway Prizes:

x4 Beef Jerky Bags (Courtesy of Golden Valley Natural)
x2 $10 Riot Points
Torchlight on Steam
Awesomenauts on Steam
VVVVVV on Steam

Good Luck!