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RotN Competitive Event Challenge

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Original Link: http://www.rotnerds.com/apps/forums/topics/show/8211306-official-rotn-challenge-ms-hecarim?next=

Rules & Regulations:

All members are eligible to participate in this challenge. This challenge will expire on November 23rd, 2012. The member who has the most points and meets our requirements for the following challenge will receive the prize. If the submission does not meet the requirements, or if the rules & regulations are disregarded, it will be forwarded as an invalid submission. There is no limit amount of submissions per member. No bots or custom matches are allowed. Only solo queues or premades are acceptable. Enemy team must be active for the entire game. If a player on the opposite team DC/AFK and remains DC/AFK for 5 minutes or longer, the submission is invalid. If he/she has achieved the challenge goal he/she must remain active with the team (i.e. cannot sit in base to wait for game to end). The game must end in either a victory or a defeat. Your team may not surrender to force a game to end (The opposite team is allowed to surrender since it will be considered a victory). Only ranked and normal 5v5 games can be accepted (Summoner's Rift only). Please send all submissions to [email]WannabeP.RotN@gmail.com[/email]. The winner will be announced on our YouTube channel, announced on forums, and sent an email. The submissions will be reviewed and evaluated to determine the final results. All players who cooperated will be background checked to prove authenticity. Must be a RotN member and level 30 to participate in event.

The Challenge:

Play Hecarim with items that include or mentions Movement Speed (i.e. Lich Bane, Trinity Force, Phantom Dancers, etc.). Movement speed item effect abilities are acceptable (Shurelya's Reverie). The player with the most points playing with Hecarim wins! Your final game score must be --/--/-- (As many kills as possible / no limit in deaths / as many assists). Your final score will be tallied as 1 Kill: 3 Points | 1 Death: -5 Points | 1 Assist: 1 Point. The only item you may be allowed to purchase is Guardian Angels. You may only buy items that include MS. Items such as Shurelya's Reverie that require you to build Philosopher's Stone & Kindlegem must be built in a certain way. Since Philosopher's Stone has no AP, CDR or MS benefits in it, you are not allowed to purchase that item. The only way to purchase Shurelya's would be to upgrade it instantly, skipping the Philosopher's Stone purchase. Potions and wards are allowed to be purchased throughout the entire game.


• Must be a member on RotNerds.com

• Must have screenshots of final score

• Entire game must be recorded (Only LoL Replay)

• Submission must include summoner name and email address

• Email subject name must be tittled "MS Hecarim Challenge" followed by your score. (i.e. AP Shaco Challenge 11/1/6)

• Summoner must be level 30

The Reward:

• $10 worth of Riot Points

• The Ultimate Challenge Banner

• RotNerds YouTube Channel Spotlight

• Amnesia & Awesomenauts on Steam