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Morde vs Fiora bot

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zhonyas when she ults you

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That's a tough call, but I think you made some good decisions - however, I would have suggested something slightly different.

In my experience, one of Fiora's primary strengths is that with her ultimate, she effectively has a health reset button. It's also incredibly powerful in a 1v1 situation where there are no other targets for her to bounce to. You made the right call on Ninja Tabi and Thornmail, but I think instead of Warden's Mail (while a powerful item) I'd have invested in some more MPen - an incredibly valuable stat to Mordekaiser. You obviously weren't able to build Sorc Shoes, so Haunting Guise would have given you an MPen boost to give you that extra damage, and consequently more shield generated.

Also, Morello's Evil Tome properly timed would effectively remove Fiora's ability to regain HP through her ultimate when Ignite was on cooldown.

When Ziggs came down, Abyssal Scepter is the next obvious choice starting with the Negatron Cloak - but either way he'd stalemate the lane forever against you.

Most importantly, you did your job. You don't need to dominate bottom to win bottom - simply holding it is doing your team a service. If they can sneak in a few ganks throughout the game, then you're winning.

This is a fairly accurate post. I bolded the parts i agree with. (in case you are curious, for what it is worth, I played a lot of Morde when draft was alive, still play him in blind pick, in tournaments, and have even had him banned out against me a few times.)

There are few other things that you should be aware of. Morde will lose to just about anyone early game because his is extremely weak. My starting build varies greatly depending on the enemy. AP? Boots/Tome/Ruby+Pots. If the lane is going well(I.E. the enemy can't zone you and you are pushing/farming/harassing well) Sorc/Spirit Visage/DFG. Zoning/Harass hurting? Revolver before DFG.

Against AD? Boots + either double dorans or ruby/dorans, either way won't hurt you. Ruby builds into Haunting guise because you will often want Tabi as your boots since it extremely effective vs AD, yet you still want mpen because it is extremely effective with your ult and high base damages. From there you will want DFG and voidstaff. I only get thornmail if the enemy kills me primarily though Auto attacks or on hit abilities, so getting it vs fiora is good, however rushing it is not really advisable and you will gimp your damage. Just grab a chain vest until later.

Generally, once you get DFG you can sit in a lane and push it fairly easily. And of course, your build should have a voidstaff somewhere in there towards mid-late game. Your other slots are situational. Enemy entering melee vs you a lot? get a lichbane, your Q turns the damage into magic damage and the lichbane/sheen proc will benefit from your mpen. Hourglass can add some cool tricks and help you block mega ults.

In your case, if you are unsure of who you are facing you can often just grab boots 1, cap your tower, and the recall, buy what you need, while still making it back to the lane to stop their push. Against the Ziggs swap, you could have tried to use the speedshrine to close in for DFG/UltQWE, but his range makes it easy to clear. Often times, bot will end in a stalemate, which can be lame. Sometimes the best thing you can do is sit bot and say "NO" to the enemy bot laner. I will occasionally venture to mid if the enemy bot is turtling hard and even refusing to step off the point. You can occasionally swap a less useful champ from top to bot, since you will have a gold advantage if the game hasn't been a shut out top.

Sorry that was kinda long winded, but i hope it helps. Kinda off topic, but I would also like to note that Morde is getting hit hard by the DFG nerf. He will have difficulty trying to itemize CDR and even struggle to kill most opponents now.

Edit: You should also know that i run Spell Vamp Quints on Morde so that i can forgo revolver longer than usual.

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Thanks a lot for the insightful posts

I'll admit, I never really thought about just buying boots then backing to get what I need vs a specific lane, but it actually makes a lot of sense XD

As for Fiora's build, she got a very early last whipser because I had over 200 armor at around level 8 and she simply couldn't trade with me anymore. Otherwise, I think she was going for pretty much pure lifesteal with Prospector's Blade, Sanguine Blade and a Vamp Scepter. I stopped looking at her build once she swapped wtih Ziggs.

Also, I agree, Morde will be nerfed hard when DFG gets taken down to trash tier and I just wanted to play him one last time with the old DFG XD Hopefully, we see some more items being introduced (or even direct buffs) to help him stay viable (which he's not really on SR nowadays D