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Change the Tooltips

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Whenever i look at a champion in store or look at a champ in my profile trying to figure out a better build/rune set up for them, i can never get a clear picture because the tooltips you get are different than when youre in a game.

It seems very rare to me that in the profile champ overview that the types of damage are mentioned for certain skills, which makes it hard to figure out what to do, especially with someone like yorick or mordekaiser who have equal ap and ad.

i'd just like the tooltips out of game, to reflect the ones in game, i dont always want to have to go in game to get the correct tooltips, its kind of annoying that it doesnt list the damage they initially do either.

i understand you can look at the internet, but thats more or less a copout, i think the game should just have the same tooltips whether its in or out of game, makes it confusing.