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Early Jungle Skarner...

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So, sitting around with enough IP to buy Elise AND another champion, I had been thinking about who to get? Skarner was high on my list when I got lucky and he found his way into free week. I like him rather a lot, as I'm a huge fan of frequent ability use, especially if those abilities don't impede movement. So his Q is just a great fun ability. Also, my only other jungle champion is Shyvanna, who is somewhat reliant on her allies to provide the CC, so Skarner would provide a welcome addition to my roster.

However, I'm not too sure on how to start his jungle off. Or his masteries and runes. I tried boots + 3 pots, going Wolves -> Golem, and spamming my Q and W. I was too weak to take on the lizard though.

So, just hoping people can save me some experiment time so I can bring him into PvP. What items does he start with, and what runes / masteries does he take? I'm fairly comfortable with long term build, the only issue there is prioritizing, which can be a game by game issue anyway. But the starting items and masteries / runes can make a huge difference in the first excursion through the jungle, and I can't exactly watch other people play those precious first few minutes in spectator mode.

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Im no pro but I figured id share my experience. I run attack speed reds, and quints along with half attack speeds blue (havnt bought the whole set.) The other blues I run flat MR and yellows I run flat armor. Attack speed is so strong on skarner giving a reduced q cooldown and more Ult ganks the more you farm.

As far as items go i find skarners w to be plenty fast and start 2 different ways. If im up against a safe jungler (amumu, maokai, etc) I like to start regen pendant (the health regen one) and 1 pot. I start blue and only need a few hits for a leash. I pop he potion after about 50 health is missing and smite as soon as it will kill it. This gives you lvl 2 and a nice shield before hitting wolves. Wraiths to Golems to red and smite comes up right as i start red usually. Then i back or farm wolves 1 more time depending on health and lanes. I pick up philo stone first and if i have enough, boots otherwise i buy boots on my next back. I like to apply a little bit of lane pressure before 6 letting them know to fear me and I find i have time to do so cause skarner has such a fast clear and infinte q spam with blue.

The other way I start is for a more agressive jungler (shyvanna and leesin and Mundo). Which is a simple cloth armor and 5 potions. It gives you near full health in the jungle at all times at the cost of a later philo stone. The cloth armor can be used for a number of things like Ninja Tabi, Aeigis of Legion, or even a Frozen heart.

I also start with q and then w and trade them back and forth till lvl 5 or 7 depending on if i think i will need the ranged ability for one last poke (like if a lane lacks a solid cc.) If i have a solid cc team i may not take his E untill everything else is maxed.

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when i play skarner i run:

AS reds
armor yellows
magic resist blues
GP5 quints (all i have)

taking mana regen in neutral and making sure to take Bladed Armor in defense.

no matter what you use, just make sure to have AS runes on skarner, he benefits from it alot because of his Q's cd.

i start wolves(with help of team) and then to blue. take W after blue and run to wraits. activate your W right as you enter the red side jungle. by the time you reach the wraiths, the shild will still be up and the wraiths will kill the shield right before it expires, giving you the extra move speed there. be at about 3/4 or more health then start on red. just spam Q and W as much as you can to keep your health high. afterward, go do wolves/wraiths if your still healthy. if not, just go heal and buy. i like to get mob boots for better ganks early on and with w you move crazy fast. make sure to use W whenever you can but try to leave it for camps if your close.

P.S: don't know if you knew this, but don't take any points in your e early on, just put them into Q and W. E takes to much mana and the heal isen't worth it. i usually dont level it till around 14 but only one point, just to get a bit more dmg on targets.

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AS reds
armor yellow
MR/level blues


start regrowth pendant + 1 pot and choose Q

go blue spamming Q, then W and into wolves. then over to wraiths. after wraiths, whether or not you can do red depends on the quality of the leash. if you had a horrible leash, you'll be low enough to need to go golems, wolves, wraiths again then do red. if you had a half decent leash at all, you should be able to pop pot, spam q and w. grab red and go gank, then head back to jungle.

recall when you can afford to finish philo, get boots, and get a ward (just over 800 gold). from then on jungle clearing should be no problem as you hurry to level 6 as fast as possible to get your ult and set up monster ganks. and don't be afraid to gank before then and linger to leech a little xp. it benefits the whole team for you to get to 6 asap. also, spam q and w but go easy on the e. good for sustain, but once you start handing blue to your mid, excessive e use can find you out of mana without as much benefit as your other abilities.

Q-W-Q-E-Q-R-W-W-Q-Q-R-W-W-E-E-R-E-E get that q tearing people up, but also balance with that shield/move speed combo.