Question About Akali Runes

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Originally Posted by Filmslinger View Post
Is it possible to get the passives before summoner level 20? I mean is it worth it to buy Akali before you can get t3 runes?
Well here I go contradicting myself a little, but in this case I would advocate just starting with a doran's blade.
Pre-level 30 everyone is playing suboptimally anyway, so I wouldn't worry too much about runes or item builds at this stage.

In general, tier 2 runes are not worth the price (except for holiday runes). Tier 1 runes on the other hand are dirt cheap and I suggest building regular jack-of-all-trade rune pages with tier 1 until you can buy tier 3 runes.

You might get the ad passive (spellvamp) with a full t1 flat ad runepage, but getting both Akali's passives @ level 1 isn't going to happen before level 20 I would say.
So in this case I would just wait until you are higher level (doesn't take that long tbh) before dedicating yourself to playing Akali, since she is one of the few champs who really need their own runepage in order to be played to full potential.