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Best AD Rune Build?

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Hopla Rulezz

Junior Member



I don't really have a standard champion, Tho i like all champions that are AD..
Now my problem is, since i dont have a specific choice of champion, what rune build should i go?

What would be the best AD Rune build for:
Champions that rely on mana?
Champions that rely on hp usage?
Champions that rely on energy?

And most of all, the best overall Rune build which covers every AD champ?

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Senior Member


I would say best overall rune build would be armor pen marks and the rest damage/lvl, as there's nothing really prominent for DPS on seals/glyphs, but the dmg/lvl helps accent the carry mentality of those players. Flat damage gives you a smoother early game, but I think takes too much from the upside late game.

If you jungle, rely on mana, or rely on energy, switching up your seals is the best way to go. Armor, mana regen, and energy regen are all three prominent in seals. Flat mana and flat energy are prominent in glyphs. However, I personally couldn't care for them. I'd probably stick with attack damage, with possibility of armor seals for jungling.

On HP usage, HP quints are the main thing to make sure you get. HP seals will help you out tremendously as well. If jungling though, you need the armor far more than the HP. Pots heal HP over time, and so you need to buff each HP to take on creeps.

One last option is to add magic resist on glyphs, as that will help survivability, which is sometimes all you need. I'd probably take flat resist before anything else in glyphs, to be honest.

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Senior Member


quints: health or armor pen or attack damage (depends on who your playing as)
marks: armor per
seals: armor pen
glyphs: mana regen (very nice in the laning phase)