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Coming back, champion opinions

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I've been gone from league for about a year now, and am coming back but with a much shorter timeframe to play, so dont really have the time to look up guides/research metas/etc. Obviously havent kept up with nerfs/buffs or new metas, but would like some opinions on some of my old favorite champions, as in worth using, garbage, builds, etc.

All opinions are much appreciated, thanks
Heres the list of champs I would like to know about:

Xin Zhao
Warwick as a Jungler
Nocturne as a Jungler
Trundle as a Jungler

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Ezreal-got nerfed, is now less a threat compared to now op Graves.
Corki-I believe he's the same, maybe got a little tiny buff, his ulti is still op imo.
Irelia-Is now op, but will be nerfed next patch, hoping to see how that goes.
Vladimir-Gotta love this guy, pretty balanced, maybe a bit on the weak side.
Akali-Most APCs nightmare early game, I think of her as a melee Veigar, snowballs so much.
Jarvan-Haven't heard much, I don't have an opinion other than now he's fairly underused.
Nidalee-I think she got nerfed a bit, her Q just wiped people out...
Urgot-Is actually pretty decent, love his Q missle, but people think he's gross.
Xin Zhao-Is mainly a jungler, and is a bit under Lee Sin in the jungle tier, used for high single-target initiates.
Renekton-Idk about him either, I might think he's a bit more fun than he used to be.
Warwick as a Jungler-Isn't as useful as he was when he first came out, much better top.
Nocturne as a Jungler-Is a good choice as with Lee Sin, and his Q can help out with chasing/fleeing, which makes ragequits.
Trundle as a Jungler-I don't think I've seen one in a long time, he's got good skills, but maybe he's not the eye candy others want.

Current Meta is now Bruisers up top (any tanks, high armor.),
a jungler (self sustaining, of course, life steal an' all.),
AP Carry mid (standard mages),
Support (most champs that have heals/stuns/or tanks),
and AD Carry (Champs who scale well with attack damage or speed.) on bot.

Anything else?

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Ez and Corki are two of the three strongest AD's atm. However, Ez is due for a nerf (maybe Nov 6?), and I don't know where that will put him.
J4 is still very respectable for utility, damage, and tankiness. He's underplayed at the lower brackets right now.
Nid is no longer the amazing champ she once was. She still can't get ganked, but she's built as a bruiser with things like Maw (a new item) and TF.
Urgot I haven't seen in quite some time. If you're not going to run a full AD carry bot, then it's better to go for a kill lane; I'm not sure where Urgot fits into the current meta.
Ren is just pitiful right now. There are champs with better sustain, better pushing, better burst, and better everything. I expect him to get a slight buff in the future but I don't know what Riot plans for him; maybe they're just going to nerf some of the newer champs.
WW is lackluster as a jungler now. Junglers need to get tanky quite fast or provide amazing ganks/utility to their team with low CS (Philo+HoG is extremely common on junglers), and WW only has a good gank every ~minute and doesn't do that much outside of his suppress. There are better gankers who can gank more often and earlier that also provide more in lategame teamfights.
Trundle is always amazing; don't let the SSoTP downvote me to oblivion from this comment.
The ones I didn't comment on are pretty accurate from Rusion's post.

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I'm a relatively new player, only been playing about 7 months but I'm a big fan of Urgot.

Urgot seems to be good all around, but people tend not to pick him. Everyone I talk to says he's good. I think Urgot is more of a dark horse. He's just generally good at everything, but never really seems to shine in any particular area even if he's doing well. I've been using him a lot as a Jungler lately, and he doesn't seem very strong but despite having only his slow he surprises the enemy well and attacks with impunity from long range. Top, Mid, Jungle, Bot (supporting ADC usually).

The other champs in your list I said 'meh' to each and every one, haha. I wish I saw more Renekton players, I hardly ever see any. Oh but Xin Zhao seemed too powerful before and recently riot gave him an all-around buff anyway. Unless he's played poorly, Xin seems to stomp a mudhole in everyone.