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Out of the arena

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Authors note.
Any champions you would like to see or have a chapter centered around please request, it will help the chapters roll out faster
Disclaimer: I own nothing of league of legends. Intellectual property is of Riot games.


Veigar wandered. Some champions avoided leaving during the day as crowds of people would often gather, either cheering or booing depending on the last match. Today was one of the days where Veigar found an itch to wander though. As much as the arena had become his home, he disliked wandering through there, too often he would bump shoulders with other champions, too often he could hear Cho’gath bellowing his rage at the summoners. So today he wandered the city.
People pointed at him, many muttering to themselves. Veigar knew he wasn’t the most popular champion, but in his mind it mattered little. The fools of the masses would always make their own minds up.
A large group began trailing him at a respectable distance, and it was all he could do not to fling some dark matter at them. There had to be at least fifty of them now.
A larger group appeared ahead of him, a cluster of people at least eighty strong. Veigar hated groups of people, his height made it difficult to get around unless he wanted to make a scene, and today he just wasn’t up for scrubbing ashes off his hat.
The crowd became aware of his presence and began to shift, and then Veigar saw the commotion was about another champion, or rather trio of champions arguing.
“No, I don’t want to go there, let’s go to this tea shop, it sounds great.” Teemo persisted.
“No we always go to tea shops, let’s go somewhere new!” Tristana argued back
“Can we go somewhere, the people here are still staring. Wait, there’s Veigar, did you invite him?” Poppy asked.
“Hey Veigar! You wanna join us for a Yordles day out?” Teemo asked with a smile.
“Why would I, want to join you?” Veigar sniffed, striding forward, meaning to walk through them.
“Because you’re a Yordle, well I think so, hard to tell under the hat, so come on!” Tristana insisted, reaching out, and snagging his coat collar.
“Hey! Unhand me!”
“Nope! There’s four of us, perfect for pizza. Poppy mind his staff, he probably wont blast us but if he does mind you shield it.”
“No problem.”
At a pizza parlor, each Yordle sitting in a booster seat three chatted. Veigar stewed.
“So where’s everyone else?” Teemo asked draining his Coke in a swig. The horror of the sugar high for a Yordle would be inflicted upon the rest of the champions later.
“Corki and Heimerdinger are making a new plane, Ziggs is cleaning up the old one. Corki was flying to close and form what I hear Ziggs crashed into it when he blasted out of his lab.”
That caught Veigar’s attention.
“Ziggs cannot fly! What new sorcery is this!”
“It’s called the sorcery of explosions. Like his satchel but he was tinkering on trying it with an Inferno bomb. Heard that he lit Volibear on fire in the process of testing it as well. Any takers on writing a name in marker when he falls asleep tonight?”
Thinking back Veigar suddenly knew who had glued the fake mustaches his staff, and dyed his robes hot pink.
“Blue today huh Veigar? I thought you fancied pink?”
Veigar allowed himself a laugh and was surprised at himself. He quickly smothered it but it was too late.
“That was your laugh? I thought it was always the maniacal cackle, that sounded like a school girl!”
More laughter that bubbled from the pint sized sorcerer.
“Okay, so Pizza is done and we have about 10 minutes before that mob tries to get in here for their fan service. Ideas on this one? Last time Heimerdinger’s beanbag turret worked great”
Veigar smirked.
Poppy kicked the door open and veigar cast his event Horizon spell. Rather than make a circle he made it a thin walkway, the walls just small enough for a Yordle to walk through. Each Yordle ran for dear life, knowing the last one out would have to deal with the fans. A threat no champion takes lightly.

Back at the arena just inside where fans couldn’t penetrate each Yordle chuckled.
“Needs work Veigar. We go out once a month come out, no one will ever belive you laugh like a school girl, not a sorcerer.” Tristana teased.
“What’s black and blue…” Veigar began.
“Oh I figured this one out last match, is it nightmare Cho’gath about to step on you?”
Everyone looked at teemo.
“Hey, when you stand around stealthed you get stepped on, Cho’gath is heavy alright!”

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nice, i never liked how viegar was such a flat character, i understand the whole torture ruins yordles but all evil all the time is boring