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Skarner: What type of Champion is he played as?

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Skarner is primarily played as a jungler, focusing on his skills to output his damage. Skarner builds like a bruiser. tanky, but with some damage items that are suitable to him. A normal build would be: Merc treads, Tri Force, Frozen heart, Reverie, Randuin's Omen, and Wit's end. There are also some other situational item picks that can work.

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i almost always build philo, merc tread, sheen. always gonna be a good start. gives him some sustain and some dmg.

after that, you can go tanky and go glacial shroud into frozen heart followed by force of nature.

but if i've done well so far and have some assists and/or a kill or two, i'll go blasting rod, pickaxe, rageblade. rageblade + w is a big AP boost and the attack speed boost also helps reducing cooldowns faster. great item that works with his kit for dueling as well as shredding towers.

philo stone, merc treads, sheen, rageblade, glacial shroud (into frozen heart) is a nice midgame build that allows you to dish out an unexpected amount of damage while taking a good amount as well.

FoN, trin, shurelya's, nashor can all have their place as a final item or two in your build,