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How to fix * You have left a game ... reconnect * Bug

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I got this a few weeks ago. Here is what Riot said to me:

RiotTyphon (League of Legends Player Support | Riot Games Support)

Oct 17 19:24 (PDT)

Greetings Earvin,

It sounds like you experienced what we refer to as a ghost game. It is caused when the game server you were playing on fails to communicate the game-end message to PVP.Net.

The ghost game will last a maximum of 2 hours after this occurs. It often ends much earlier because the game server is simply backed up. Sometimes this issue can be fixed by relogging into League of Legends. Occasionally, restarting your computer may help. These actions force the client to request a new update.

Another side effect of the Ghost game is a delay with receiving your Influence Points, Experience or ELO. Once the game "clears" the server, these values will be updated on your account accordingly.

If the issue persists or occurs frequently it may indicate a problem with your connection. If this is the case, I would be more than happy to help you find the cause. If it was just this a one time occurrence, it was likely due to a delay in our server.

I am sorry for the inconvenience and wish you luck in your future matches.

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Ash Namflee

Junior Member


sadly going to try this...I hate repairing the client though...

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Junior Member


I'm in the process of repairing mine, Hope it works.

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This is extremely frustrating. I'm playing a *ranked* game and getting my adc up to 4-0 and then my game decides to die. I waited for like 3 minutes on the Attempting to Reconnect screen then decided to close the game and restart to reconnect that way.

Nope. Nada. Brings me back to regular screen. Hmm, I wonder how my teammates are thinking about me right about now. They'll probably report me and I'll lose elo for leaving a ranked game. Repairing the client is going to take like a good 10+ minutes, which is gamebreaking for my team.

//bump ...
Just had the exact same problem because my ping spiked and it said attempting to reconnect. End game, can't reconnect. Now I'm probably gonna get mass reported and banned.