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Shop Keeper Story

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I was just an ordinary person. Every day I would wake up to the jarring sound of an alarm clock and instantly hate the rest of my day though it had not yet passed.

Get up, warm up the coffee, take a shower, shave, grab a cup of coffee and head out the door into the bleakness that was my world. This was my average morning.

Today I woke up, and it was not because of the usual alarm clock. I do not know what caused me to wake. But I realized somthing was strange. I looked round. I found myself in a strange room. Everything in the room was dark except for where the opening of a single small, barred window let in the morning light. I noticed it was raining heavily outside.

I tried to see what all was revealed by the light. Beneath me was a pile of hay the size and shape of a single bed. The walls were made of brick. The room was bare. There was somthing indistinct in the corner furthest from me, cloth straw and sticks of some kind. There was a large, solid wooden door. Except for the patter of the rain outside, all was quiet.

Somthing made me realize I was not fully alone in that room. That feeling made me uneasy. I looked arround a little more thouroughly, and some movement quickly grabbed my vision. It was just a quick movement in that far corne. There was a rustling sound. My breathing stopped. I relaxed when I realized it was just a large bird of sorts.

I could not see the bird very clearly, just it's general outline. It had found a resting placeon the pile of materials in the far corner, and was watching me. After a pause I continued to look arround. I was not fully sure what to do. There were some questions on my mind. You can probably guess what they were. The biggest question was, where am I?

Time slowely passed. During that time I tried various things. The door was locked, the window was too small for me to fit through, even not considering the bars. There was no entertainment of any sort. I was thouroughly bored.

Suddenly, I heard some faint thumps outside the door, a very confused sound. The sound slowly grew louder. I guessed it was probably the sound of running footsteps, but there was also a lot of clanking metal type sounds that confused me a bit. When the footsteps got closer I started to call out but I stopped myself when I heard the footsteps stop just outside the door and. There was a lot of noise at this point. Someone was undoing a lot of locks and chains on the other side, and I was getting just a tad scared.

Just then I saw somthing that startled me. In that far corner, there were suddenly a lot of birds. Not just the one that had been there earlier. The birds started making caw sounds. More and more birds just kept appearing out of no where. They started flying arround the room in a flury of feathers and noise. I heard some yells and shouts outside the door. I was in a complete state of confusion. The birds ( I had decided they were crows) had taken to flying in a tornado type formation, and there was somthing in the middle of that formation. Just for a moment I saw it standing there. Whatever it was, was tall, skinny and had bright green eyes. I was terrified. I screamed and ran for the door.

The crows started landing on me and ripping at my clothes and flesh. I pounded on the door and yelled as loud as I could for help, wishing whoever was on the other side would hurry and get in there. Just when I thought I was going to die, the door opened and someone grabbed me and pulled me out. The door was slammed shut quickly before any crows could get out.

I fell to the ground dazed and confused at what all had just happened. Someone kneeled next to me and said somthing. I did not fully hear them, but I did come to my senses slightly. They repeated what they had said before. I looked at the figure in front of me. It was a large man in blue and gold armor, there were several other people standing arround in comparatively less noticeable outfits ad armors. The man in front of me had neat brown hair, and chiseled facial features as far as I could tell. Most of his lower face was covered by part of his armor and a giant blue scarf (it looked a tad silly to me). He had a fairly horse voice, I figured out why a few minutes later.

He asked if I was injured. I told him that I was not sure, but that I thought my back might be scratched. He turned and ordered someone to take me to a doctor. He then quickly turned back to me with a swish of his cape and said. Welcome to the institute. Before I could reply he started to walk off and did what I think to be one of the most confusing actions I have ever witnessed. He pulled out his sword, whent into a rapid spin and traveled down the hall we were in while screaming somthing at the top of his lungs repeatedly. Every one arround me just stood still and watched quietly till he dissapeared. I looked arround and noticed they all had a look on there faces like, there he goes again. I shall never forget that sight.

I spent the rest of that day being dragged arround "the institute" as it was called. It seemed to be a giant castle of sorts. I saw many things that I would normally only have heard of in fantasy books and movies. I was introduced to lots of strangely named people that seemd to be of some importence. It seemed that I was not supposed to be there. Apparently "the institute" was supposed to be a gathering place for legendary people of sorts and I clearly was not a legend. After much discussion, about what should be done with me, it was decided that I was to act as a shop keeper of sorts at some kind of magic place.

During this time in the institute, I learned a thing or two. Every thing arround this place involved magic, there were even security systems that ran on magic. I had suddenly appeared in the room of some sort of monster scarecrow that had a tendency to kill people on site. I lucked out I guess. The only reason I lived is because magic sensors in the room had picked up my presence and a rescue team was sent immediately. The big spinning screamer was named Garret or somthing like that
(I think).

After the people in charge at the institute came to the decission to make me a shop keeper. I was sent to the nearest town under guard, so that I could get some living necessies. We then walked to meet with the troupe that would escort me to where I would be working.

It was a journey lasting several days. It did not seem very long for me because every thing was so new to me. I saw landscapes that had been torn apart by previous battles between magic using armies. I saw little sentient creatures that reminded me of Tolken's hobbits, except these things were called yordles. I heard all sorts of stories of strange creatures. Yeti's, Faeries, Golems, Dragons and lots of other creatures thought to ot exist in my world were in common knowledge in this place.

At the end of the journey we arrived at a beautiful forest. The place where I was to work was right next to a magical platform. I was told that there would constantly be heroic figures arriving at this platform wanting to buy the wares of the shop. It would be my job to make the sales as quick as I could. I was given a briefig about what all was in the area.

Right outside the platform was a large struture covered in very large crystals, they called it the Nexus. Guarding the Nexus where a couple magic towers. Surrounding all of this was a wall. There were three gaps in the wall guarded by more magic towers. This compound was referred to as the base. Outside the base were some large paths with more towers. I heard there was a hostile base somewhere down those paths. They told me a bunch of other mumbo jumbo, I was to distracted to listen. They mentioned somthing about two teams of five people trying to kill eachother. They also mentioned that sometimes people on the same team would have controllers so busy cursing at eachother that they would get.....what was it?........wafflestomped?....somthing like that. Who cares.

After my briefing, the people who had escorted me wished me good luck before they whent back to the institute. I spent the rest of the day exploring my new home territory. That was the scariest time of my life. The entire area was constantly covered in fog. It seemed like every time I rounded a new corner, I ran into somthing nasty. The first thing I found was wolves. At first I nearly pissed my pats when I saw them. There were three of them, but they didn't do a thing when they obviously saw me. They just looked at me.

I spent a few minutes trying to figure out what the heck was going on with these wolves. They did not chase me when I initially ran. So I came back. I waved at them....nothing happened......I danced....nothing........I even moooned those suckers and sang the song Puberty Love.......absolutely nothing. Then I made my mistake. I slowely walked up to them. As I got closer nothing changed. I was finally standing only three feet away. Still no reaction. I slowely bent over and reached my hand out to touch them, still no reaction. But as soon as I touched a single hair...BAM! they were all over me. I spent the next ten seconds running like rabbit with a beebee in it's butt. They stopped chasing me after a little fortunetely.

When I recovered from my fright. I started exploring the rest of the area. There was a beautiful river, I tried fishing in it. I did not catch any thing except for some giant old rotten mushrooms, I didn't want a thing to do with those, they were leaking some sort of gas. I found some golems (didn't try to pet those) , a dragon and a giant worm thing. This worm was huge! They don't grow that big on my home world.

After I was done exploring I returned to the shop. I foud the shop had a door to some sleeping quarters behind it. Complete with magic powered heating and a magic powered stove, magic powered lights......they like their magic in this world. I whent to bed early. Just before I fell asleep I remembered somthing about my briefing. They had said somthing about summoner platforms coming back online at 2:00 am. I didn't think anything of it and went to sleep.

It seemed like I had just fallen asleep when I was suddenly awoken by a booming female voice outside. I jumped out of bed and ran to the shop desk, just in time to see the "heroes" appear. I noticed two familiar faces. One was the spinning screamer, the other was the crow monster. Along with them were three I had not seen before. One was a little pink haired girl with a teddy bear, I have seen her many times since and.....dang shes annoying. The remaining two were a super hot babe and what I assumed to be her boyfriend. The babe was floating off the ground, you could see nearly everything on that body, she also offered to leave me "breathless" for a cheap pricel. I have taken her up on that offer a few times. The guy I assumed was her boyfriend was one ugly piece of work, and very self focused. Had a weird hairdo that vaguely reminded me of a mullet, combined with a chinese moustache.

I learned to hate most heroes within the next few seconds. All five of the ones there came to my desk at the same time and started making orders for certain items. I managed somehow. After they got their stuff the heros ran off. Occasionally they reappeared next to me on the platform and bought some more stuff. The crow monster never did order anything. Every time he came near me I screamed and threw stuff at him.

I was just starting to wonder what the heros were doing every time they ran out of base when I saw them come running back into base with some other heros chasing them. I then saw somthing that made me sick. One of the other heros attacked the little pink haired girl. The enemy hero looked like a giant oldfashioned diver's suit, and he carried a giant ship anchor as a weapon. He proceeded to mash the little girl into a pulp. I could only watch and wretch. Oddly enough she reappeared next to me a minute later. I decided I better not think to hard or I might get mentally destroyed.

The team of heros from my base ended up getting wafflestomped. The enemy completely destroyed everything in the base. After that, all the heros from both sides dissapeared. A few minutes later, all the buildings magically rearrected themselves. And more hoeros appeared.

Since I have appeared in this new world. Every day has been the same. Will I ever get back to where I belong? I do not know. I would not be in such a hurry to get back. But I really miss the coffee. At least I get to have some fun with that cheap call girl. Now if only I could find a way to shut up the screaming spinner (rolls eyes).

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Too funny

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Heh. Well done, an interesting story that you could expand on if you wanted. A cool idea, someone getting stuck as a shopkeeper in Summoner's Rift.

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I probably won't expand on this story. I agree that there is a ton I could expand on, but I tend to do badly with planned creativity. I wrote this as a spur of the moment thing because I was really bored, and esentially wrote whatever crazy things immediately came to mind and then wrote whatever crazy things came to mind after I wrote the original crazy things.

I may write some other stories in the future if I get bored. We shall see.