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Gamers Choice 2012 Tournament

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Hello I'm here to tell you all of the upcoming tournament that I will be hosting, yes I understand there is a specific area for setting this up and I shall be doing that shortly but for now I thought I should do the important people first, the fans . The tournament will be held between late november and early december, it will involve 16 teams of 5 and have a round robin setup. It will include 2 commentators and 8 referees who are there to keep the commentators constantly up dated to all viewers can constantly see the newest fights as they come in. It will be held over a 1 day period and will be featured streaming on Twitch TV, it will also be available for viewing later on. So for now I would like to give you a chance to keep up to date with the unofficial official Gamers Choice 2012 Tournament Facebook page come and give us a like .


Sorry if this breaks any guidelines still new to the forums didn't exactly think it belonged where I originally put it but honestly I have no idea