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Thoughts on Elise.

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the least important part, her human auto attacks are pretty much invisible. ok moving on.

First, no CC except her e, and it only lasts 1.5 seconds.This is not a tanky champion, and not a bursty one either. It's hard to land her W in laning phase, so if you're not in spider range, your only damage is coming from your Q. Even if you do get the human Q and spider Q, she feels like rengar when he uses his W twice, but with less damage than rengar did, and then she has nothing. SINCE The damage is low, shes squishy, and has no escape, I find it extremely confusing as to why she only has 1 CC.

I'm not good with this kind of stuff, but I am certain Elise is not where she should be. What I propose is having her human form W(I am a HUGE fan of the looks for this skill by the way) have some sort of slow. This will allow her to catch up to her enemy while she is in her spider form. She has no way to speed herself up, and her e can only jump TO Someone, so she has no escape and almost no chase, all she can do is E in and it never resets so she is stuck there. Considering how squishy she is, that spells no in every way possible.

I don't know if she is intended to be a top laner or a mid laner, but I am certain she would lose both lanes. Yes, her W gives her hp back every hit, but only when it's active. I think it would be better if Elise's auto attacks always restored 4 HP, and her spiderlings half of that, but the spiderlings double when the skill is active. It IS 4 hp after all, to most champions thats laughable compared to their hp regen, and she's not much of a last hitter in her spider form anyway.. so come to think of it, this really wouldn't give her much sustain at all unless shes comfortable in her spider form because her enemy is a melee champion.

I'm sorry if these thoughts seem scattered, I'm really not good with these kinds of things. I've played 2 games with elise so far against bots in SR.. I have all of her skills memorized and even when I am fed with 20 kills and 20 stacks and etc, I use her skills in a way to maximize her damage, and its never enough. Some of you might think that's stupid, but I know something is wrong when a ridiculously fed champion can't insta kill bots.

Basically as she is now, she has less burst than lux, who has SOO much more range than elise, a slow, a shield, and a snare. Lux, a mid who some people don't even think is viable, is much better than elise. I hope she is made much better before she's released outside of the pbe. thanks for reading.

I like her, lots of fun, but she needs lots of tweaks. I have a couple ideas that I think wouldn't be too op. First, the stun, atm it feels almost, silly. There are so many champions that can do the same thing and deal way more damage during the stun, i'm looking at you sion.
One idea I had that was my first thought when I saw Elise. On attacking a stunned enemy with spider form, e again, or something else yet to be determined would proc something. This could be double damage, healing, or debuff the attacked champion in some way either slow or ad/as.
I feel like this fits the spider idea of Elise, think of her biting down on her ensnared prey. I think this wouldn't be too op and would really make her stun feel less... lame.

I fully agree with this, it would make up for a lot of the damage that she's missing. she really needs some sort of speed buff, perhaps it could come from procing this e.


another amazing thread that i found after writing this, it addresses all of my concerns and is organized better haha