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Underworld Twisted Fate Skin

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This is more for Riot than for anyone else, but I was redirected here.

I feel compelled to express my concern upon seeing the in game model for Underworld Twisted Fate. When I saw the art for the skin I was very excited to purchase the it. However, I just saw a video showcasing the in game model of the skin, and I have to say I was very disappointed. I'm afraid that if a change to the current model is not made, I will not be purchasing it. I'm sure that this won't really affect any change, but I feel that you would be more successful in your sale of the skin if it looked a little better.

To make the skin more visually appealing, may I suggest the following changes.
- Smaller shoulder pads - as of now, the shoulder pads are way too big, and make the character model look cartoony

- Revised chest plate - The current chest plate is split into two sections, and the way it is now it looks like the upper section is much larger and thicker than the lower section. This is over-exaggerated, and lends to the cartoon-ish feel of the current model.

- Card color - This is a much smaller concern, but the see through cards don't look as good to me as the blue-green card colors shown in the art.

Everything else on the model looks great! I especially liked the cape, the hat, and the arm effect. Twisted Fate is an exceptional character and my favorite in the game. I thought his rework looked amazing! I am very passionate about this character so I felt compelled to act when I saw this skin. I meant no offense.

tl;dr - New TF skin looks too cartoony, would appreciate a fix