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Forum Code of Conduct

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Hi Geoffrey



Welcome Summoners,

If you stick to these guidelines when posting you will be helping to make the League of Legends forums a better place, and we won’t ever have to show you our gold plated banhammer. And if you’d like more information on what we consider model behavior, please take a moment to read the Summoner’s Code. We will lock, delete, or move threads that show a clear violation of the Summoner’s Code.

Some guidelines you should bear in mind before you post:
1. Keep it on topic, keep it constructive

  • Threads need to be constructive and have a clear topic. Subsequent replies need to also be constructive to ensure that the integrity of that topic isn’t compromised. Bumping a thread without adding additional relevant information is not considered constructive.

2. General Discussion is not the only section
  • Our General Discussion section experiences a high volume of traffic that might cause your thread to go overlooked. Before posting, consider whether or not your thread would be more appropriately placed in another section.

3. Attacks or Accusations are not acceptable
  • Attacking another player is unacceptable, the circumstances are irrelevant, just don’t do it. This includes calling out another player for leaving, cheating, poor gameplay, etc.

4. Abuse and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated
  • Please show your fellow players and Rioters the same respect you would like shown to you. There are consequences to abusing players in the community.

5. Reporting Players
  • This is not the place to report other players for in-game behavior, please do not call out players on the forums.
  • For questions related to reporting, see RiotLyte's Reporting thread --> http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2504838
  • For questions related to honor, see RiotLyte's Honor thread --> http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2595054

6. Post Rating System
  • Each post on the League forums is subject to a rating system. Players can use this system to promote positive discussions or to demote unhelpful posts and comments. At the end of each post you'll see a red “Thumbs Down” for downvoting and a green “Thumbs Up” for upvoting.
  • If the original post in a thread receives too many downvotes from the community it will be automatically closed, while unhelpful comments within a thread are hidden from view automatically.

7. Feedback
  • This thread is locked, but if you need to get into contact with us about this sticky, go ahead and start a thread or contact player support.