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Season 2 Rewards, not **** for us dominion players.

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Stark Midnight:
So yet again Riot caters to the majority while they tell the rest of us to go **** ourselves. Even though it's possible to track elo in dominion they refuse to give us ranked even after all of this time. Despite winning 80% of my dominion games consistently i won't receive a single thing because i refuse to play the boring as **** mode which is Summoners Rift.

And don't give us that bull about there not being enough dominion players. Even if there isn't enough for a grand tournament like there is for SR, there is more then enough for ranked online play.

Dude there is no reason for you to be complaining. It seems to me the only reason you play league of legends is because you like to hop on bandwagons. The reason they do not give rewards or make an elo system for dominion is because its unbalanced and not accepted in the competitive scene. Also before we even think about getting dominion into the competitive scene LoL is seen as a game for babies by the dota/sc2 communities so if riot makes an elo system for dominion they would receive so much flame from the other two communities. Riot could not even get their 5v5 mode into some tournaments so why would they even bother trying with dominion where only 1% of the community takes seriously. So please next time use ur brain and stop wasting other peoples time.And lastly without 5v5 no one would have even glanced at league of legends you scrub.

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Doesn't matter how unbalanced it may be. Bans take care of that nicely anyhow. No Yoricks, Kassadins, or Jayces. Ever. Given that it's relatively underplayed maybe it should be considered that a lack of Ranked contributes to that. Why invest time in a game mode that will ultimately never yield any rewards or recognition? There are some beastly Dominion players that play nothing but Dominion and organize weekly tournaments (DD is up to 16 teams per week, I think?) that spend all their time there and they deserve some recognition for their patronage. They deserve some kind of nod. Ranked and commensurate end-of-season rewards being ideal, I'm sure some would be fine with icons or something for reaching certain win thresholds. 250, 500, 1k wins all give a different icon, for example.

The lack of support and recognition harms new player recruitment AND retention of long-time Dominion players.