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after nearly 1000 games total...

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I'm done with this game.

I really am fed up with the amount of abuse that people throw at each other at ranked.

Our whole team gets caught in galio ult, suddenly "vayne you suck uninstall" from the jax that let singed farm all game.

the rest of the team joins in and I threaten to afk, at which 2 of them back off and start trying to convince me to continue playing (i never planned to afk of course but that line works wonders when you're being harassed a lot)

i proceed to mute the rest of the team because I probably would have IP tracked them and destroyed their hardware had i continued to try to put up with them.

It's not just this game. People in every game drive me crazy; sometimes it's my fault (above game i played a pretty bad vayne) but sometimes another lane feeds and expects to pick up the slack for a 5-0 graves, and since i play mid or adc (mostly mid) people get angry when i suddenly can't make up for the slack, and it becomes "my fault".

i really am done with this game.

I had great times with my friends, but quite honestly, there have been a lot more *******s, to put it simply, in the last couple of months, and I'm finally fed up with it.

Hope people with more willpower and more patience than me have fun in the game.

noobxslayer out.

You got issues bro.

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A Vitriolic Cat

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