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more high ranked items...

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i just think riot should put in some more items like triforce (meaning they cost ALOT but once you have one theres really no need for another and it combines many smaller items together to create a very useful item.

face it some items just dont build into anything... they could leave some items like that like philo stone (yeh it does build into somthing but it never gets used)

bascily the idea is that if you could keep upgrading items then late game wouldnt get so stagnant like it currently is at about 40-60 mins.

they could even make it just tiny ajustments to the item like say you have infinity edge (this is sort of a bad example but whatever)

ok its stats are:
80 AD
25% crit
50% more crit damage

then you upgrade it into one of the 5 options and it cost you like 1000-2000 gold
upgrades you be like: 5% extra crit, 5% lifesteal, 10% atack speed ectttttttt

making it that expensive would make it so you wouldnt upgrade final build items until the very end but it would be cool to have alittle variation on the field come late game.

also i think there should be an item for supports that creates wards and gives them some helpful stats but it should be very expensive, late game support cannot properly ward unless they leave a slot open and thats no fun, maybe an upgraded version of soul shroud.

k bye