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DFG changes.

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So I read here [ http://www.surrenderat20.net/2012/10/price-reductions-dfg-nerfs-and-more-on.html#more ] that DFG was facing a nerf in the upcoming patch, and that the item itself is seen as a problematic item. After thinking about what DFG is, and what DFG is designed to do, I had an idea for the item that would keep it similar to its purpose, without being such a broken item.

Change it from scaling with current health, to scaling with the targets bonus health, with a higher ratio. Damage will be lowered the lower thier health gets, to keep its current functionality.

Currently the item scales as follows:
Unique: Deals magic damage to target champion equal to 25% of their current health (+4% per 100 ability power) with a minimum of 200

So if the item dealt:
Unique: Deals magic damage to target champion equal to 50% of their bonus health (+8% per 100 ability power) multiplied by thier health percentage, with a minimum of 200

This would mean that against people with very few hp items, it would have little effect. But against the designed target, tanks, it would hit similary to before.

Example: @ lvl 18 champion with 2k base hp @ full hp gets hit by dfg (100ap). this hits them for 2k*(0.25+0.04)=580 damage.
this champion then gets an item with 2k hp, and would now be hit for 1160 damage by that same person's dfg.

with the changed dfg, these people would be hit for 200 damage (minimum) with just the 2k base hp. and with the 2k extra hp, would be hit for 2k*(0.5+0.08)=1160 damage. which is the same.

This change would make DFG work as it should be working: an anti tank item for casters.

This however leaves a problem, as a lot of people use DFG as an extra nuke on champions who dont have many directly damaging abilities. This change would still allow it to serve as such, but it would only work against higher health targets.

This would have two solutions: give the minimum damage ap scaling (which would make the item even more broken), or create a second version of dfg that has flat damage that scales with ap, which would be likely, another problem item. However thats the creation of a new item, rather than a change to DFG, which is the idea i have, and have stated.

Thank you for reading.