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How long should the Shadow Isles and Harrowing skins be in the Store?

All six of the skins should be in the store for the holiday only (legacy skins) 4253 41.78%
All six of the skins should be permanently in the store 1805 17.73%
Shadow Isles should be legacy, and Harrowing should be permanent 560 5.5%
Shadow Isles should be permanent, and Harrowing should be legacy 3560 34.97%
Voters 10180 .

Harrowing / Shadow Isles Skin Poll

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I think Harrowing should be Legacy and Shadow Isles should be Permanent. We all know that harrowing is for halloween so it should be holidays only skin like the others. but the shadow isles skin was released for elise and the shadow isles. also since you made shadow isles perm you shoulda made the chinese new year skins permanent too since it was a holiday(for lots of asians at least) I woulda felt happy for having a talon skin that future people wouldnt have

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Sane Malk

Senior Member


I'd just like to point out this in regards to the Shadow Isle skins:

Remember that these skins will only be available until 11:59 PM Pacific Time on the 13th of November, so catch them before they’re laid to rest in the Legacy Skins Vault!

You already advertised these skins as being LEGACY skins and now you take a quick forum poll and decide to reverse your choice and make them permanent. Isn't that FALSE ADVERTISING? How many people bought those skins under the promise they were getting legacy skins and now you do a bait and switch and make the Shadow Isle skins permanent? Sorry Riot, that's bull**** and you know it.