Smoke and Mirrors - Le Blanc Fan Art

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This is a fan art piece that I made of Le Blanc. ^_^

She has actually been in my sketchbook for a while (like ... since January this year >_>). I was looking at some of my old pieces of work to develop into a fully digital piece, and I thought that my Le Blanc sketch was worthy of the attention.

I still feel like I'm really rough with digital painting with Photoshop, and I feel like I still have quite a while to go through the learning curve. But, I'm enjoying it ... isn't that what art is supposed to be all about?

I made a time lapse video -- inspired of course and as always, by the LoL Art Spotlights -- which can be found here:

And also I have the full versions of this posted on my deviantArt:

I hope all you summoners like it!